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After garnering appreciation for his performance in ‘Sooryavanshi’ and ‘Bachchhan Paandey’, actor Abhimanyu Singh is on cloud nine. In an exclusive chat with ETimes, the actor recently opened up about all the big stars he has worked with, the advent of OTT, his upcoming projects and more. Excerpts…

You have been a part of some very good movies, be it your debut movie ‘Aks’, ‘Gulaal’, ‘Rakht Charitra’, ‘Sooryavanshi’ or ‘Bachchhan Paandey’. How do you look back at your journey so far?Frankly speaking, nothing worked out for me as planned, so I stopped planning after a while. I just went with the flow. I was busy down South for a few years. I did some very good work there. Sometimes I just took up work to run my kitchen. You have to first survive to grow big. Few of my South films became a huge hit. I believe that if you do good work, it never goes unnoticed. Rohit Shetty spotted me and ended up casting me in ‘Sooryavanshi’. Farhad Samji, who was one of the writers of ‘Sooryavanshi’, decided to cast me in his next movie. This started happening one after the other. I never got anything on a silver platter. I have worked very hard. I believe I have grown as an actor. I am the same person, only my time has changed.

From all the actors you have worked with so far in Hindi films, who do you think was an absolute delight to work with?

There are many like that. It can be Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn sir here, Pawan Kalyan from down South, Rajinikanth sir and so many others have all been a delight to work with. It was a pleasure working with them and I would love to work with them again. When you are working with big actors, people come to see them and automatically you get noticed too. That is how you make your mark too. Someday they might come to see only you too.

The OTT space has leveled the field for many in the industry. How do you look at this change as an actor?

I feel it is a boon in disguise. When it started, nobody took it seriously but now they are realising that it has become very big. It has been a boon for everybody. It has made people busy. At the end of the day people are watching it. Smallest of actors are now getting the opportunity to perform. It is wonderful.

Did you always want to be an actor?

Not really. When I was in college, I started doing modeling work for pocket money. I liked it. I got into theatres and gradually I started getting offers of television serials. It happened very organically. It was not a childhood dream. Coming from a small town in Patna, it was next to impossible for me to think about becoming an actor.

What’s next?

I have already shot for Neeraj Pandey’s web series called, ‘Bihar Diaries’. I am playing one of the positive leads in the movie. There is another series I am a part of. However, I cannot reveal much about it right now. I will be seen in a never-seen-before avatar. I have also signed a couple of big banner films but I think I will have to wait for the production houses to announce it formally.


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