Ankit Tiwari after being acquitted of rape charges: People stopped working with me, and removed me from my ongoing projects | Hindi Movie News



Back in 2014, Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari was accused of alleged rape by his then-girlfriend, after which he was also arrested. Almost three years later, in 2017, the court cleared Ankit of all charges due to lack of evidence. While he was free from the allegations, Ankit received several backlashes from the industry, and people gradually reduced working with him.

In an interview with Navbharat Times Online, the ‘Galliyan’ singer opened up on how life changed after that. “I feel that there is something written in everyone’s fate. Maybe something else was written in my luck. It was a bad time, which was scary. For as many musicians as there are, I want to say one thing — They are very simple, they have innocence. That’s how music comes from inside them. I am like that too. I have little to do with the world. Somewhere in that simplicity… it seems that someone can take advantage of it. But those things probably had to happen with me. It was a difficult time,” Ankit reflected on the same.

He further added, ‘When such phases arrive, very few people stand with you. There were some people in the industry who were with me, whom I actually call my family. Those with whom I have worked were also in my support. It is said that when all the doors are closed, God keeps one gate open. The same happened to me. When all the doors were closed, one gate was open. I left from there too. I have come a long way now”.

Ankit’s steady career in the music industry, came at a back seat, as people stopped working with him. ‘People stopped working together, pulled their hands back. Without giving any reason, they withdrew me from many projects. Most of my work which was in the finishing stage was also closed. I lost so much. But that doesn’t mean I gave up. I have been doing something. This year also my film ‘Badhaai Do’ came out. There are some other projects too.

On a closing note, Ankit states, ‘My art has nothing to do with that damage. ‘What I mean to say is that the damage happened according to the career. But that thing has nothing to do with my art. My art is mine, no one in the world can take it away from me. That is what I have and as long as the one above is giving me, I will not give up.

In April 2017, the Mumbai sessions court acquitted Ankit Tiwari and his co-accused brother of the serious charges of rape and death threats, due to lack of evidence. After this, in February 2018, Ankit married Pallavi Shukla in Kanpur itself. In the same year, the couple were also blessed with a lovely daughter.


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