Can I make money from the internet in India?

Make Money from the internet in India

If you really want to earn money online, then you need these things very much.

1. SmartPhone / Laptop / Computer
2. Good Internet Connection
3. Lots of Patience or Patience
4. Understanding how to identify Real and Scam

How to earn money google

1. Blogging

Talking about how to earn money from the internet, Blogging comes in the first place. Because it is the easiest way to earn money, 2 things are very important for Blogging,

1) Expert in something – Expert in any Field
2) The Art of Writing – Writing Skills

Without these two, if you start the journey of blogging, then you may face a lot of difficulties. If you are an expert in something, whether it is technology, cooking, business, or in any other field; With this, you will not have to work very hard to write new content and you will also be able to answer the questions of your readers.

There are many ways to earn money from blogging, but I will tell you about the best 3 ways.

1) Advertising: There is much online advertising company, you will be able to earn money by giving ads of Jean in your blog. Some popular online advertising companies are Google AdSense, Chitika, Contextual Advertising & Programmatic Platform., Infolinks, etc. I think you must have found the answer to a question that is “How to earn money google“.

2) Affiliate Marketing: This is to help sell other things. When you help to sell a product that is sold online, then that seller gives you a commission. You can earn a good income by selling the product of big e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, or any hosting company. is. You can earn more money from advertising in affiliate marketing.

3) Sponsored Post: When your blog becomes a little popular, many companies ask you to review their product. For review, they give you a lot of money along with their product. Whatever your blog will be related to, you will get the same type of things.

How to make money from YouTube

Who doesn’t know about YouTube?

Nevertheless, for the sake of information, I tell you that this is the 3rd most popular website in the world, where there are millions of views every day.

I would like to tell those who do not know that YouTube is a better way to earn money.

Writing content is called Blogging and earning money through video is called Vlogging.

Vlogging means video blogging, in this too you have to have two things.

1) Expert in something – Expert in any Field
2) Art of Presentation – Presentation Skills

Like Blogging, YouTube, ie Vlogging also has 3 main ways to earn money.

1) AdSense: Both YouTube and AdSense are products of Google. Every Youtubers earn most of the money from this. After uploading the video to your account, you can monetize it with AdSense.

2) Sponsored Video: A popular YouTube channel offers to review a lot of products. Through this, you can also earn a lot of money.

3) Affiliate Marketing: If you review different products on your channel, then you can put a link to buy it in the description below. If a user buys it, then you will get a commission from it.

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