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cryptocurrency mining
Bitcoin Mining 2019 – Cryptocurrency

This article is going to be an update on cryptocurrency mining two thousand nineteen. What’s it looking like. What. I predict it to be like and what it actually is. So first things first.
They’re probably better off used for gaming than crypto mining right now. Is cryptocurrency mining still profitable in 2019? If I checked a profitability calculator right now it would tell you that cryptocurrency mining most likely will not be profitable. I know from my experience you have to have very low electricity costs.
Profitability calculator click the link :- to free for your car for any machine to be profitable at the moment. I know a lot of my viewers. They get they have free electricity be it their parents pay for it they live in like a dormitory or some like that.
cryptocurrency mining

And they run their machines there. Right now. I am living in a very cold cold place.
I’m right outside of Uttarakhand is winter time and I need heat so I completely forgot about this. For whatever reason recently I’ve been heating up my studio space with this. Radiator  heater. And I have you know I don’t have force Aaron here but I do have some radiators.
Up and down but they take a very long time to heat up this place. What I did was I turn those off.
And I’m going to be using my GP use to be heating my studio space. This is a great idea for me because if I’m running these small radiator heaters it’ll be using up a lot of electricity to begin with. So why not run these GP use mine with them. Let them generate heat from my office so I’ll be paying for electricity. And I’ll also be getting a benefit from it from my miners. I believe these right now don’t generate that much like these GP use are very efficient. What I’m kind of worried about is those A6 that I just showed you those two S9 that I just showed you those will be very expensive to run.
cryptocurrency mining

Bitcoin Mining 2019 –  Cryptocurrency mining

I think they’ll be too expensive to run for heat. If you know what I mean. But I have to l three pluses. I’ll look into it and I’ll let you guys know. So if you guys are wondering if crypto mining is profitable it is profitable. If you need heat and if you have. Very cheap electricity and I think that’s it. Those are the only two other reason. Those are the only two reasons why I think you should. You would be mining. Unless you have like some gigantic crypto farm but.
With the way crypto is right now it will bet it would be better just to buy crypto if you want to go that route. Crypto is a very volatile investment. I’m not a financial advisor so speak to one if you want to drop some serious cash into that. I just drove in headfirst in 2017 when crypto was around. 3000 4000 dollars so. Right now crypto is hovering around that range just under 4000. Yeah. That is that’s where that is where crypto is right now. All right.
Bitcoin Mining 2019 – Electricity Costs
So I’m going to give you the probability calculator according to nice hash one in video GTA x 10 ADT ice which is what I have right behind me in U.S. dollars my electricity costs is about 20 cents per kilowatt hour. I’ll hit calculate. And I’m going to scroll. Scroll down you can see that the earnings so for one day in the income section I’ll be making 40 cents per GP you. So I have three GP use that’s going to equal to one dollars and 20 cents. Estimated. Electricity costs for one will be about one dollar and twenty cents.
So for three they’ll be three dollars 60 cents and I’ll be in the negative but I won’t actually be in the negative because this is providing me with two benefits. I’ll be getting crypto and I’ll be getting heat. So let me give you the estimates for my GP rig for one month for income.
I’ll be getting about 40 dollars worth of bitcoins and electricity costs. I’ll be paying. According to a nice hash you’ll be about 100 dollars. So at the end of the month I’ll be paying 100 dollars to heat up my studio space here in this building. And on top of that I’ll have 40 dollars worth of bitcoins at the end of the month. That is about point 0 1 bitcoins at the moment. And if BTC does go up in value that’s another plus. What I’m trying to say is in the conventional terms traditional ways of crypto mining.
Bitcoin Mining 2019 – Genesis Mining
Mining is almost dead. Almost it’s almost there. That’s why Genesis mining had to shut down everybody’s contracts. That’s why hash Blair shut shutdowns everyone’s contracts. Luckily I diversified and I got my own cheap use and I own a sick miners because now I can. You know I can resell these GP use of I wanted to. I looked on eBay. Each one of these GP use I can resell for about six hundred dollars. I bought them for around seven hundred seven fifty so I already made a profit from all my mining from in 2017 and from last year I didn’t mind that much in 2018.
And yeah a lot of these are reasons I can resell a lot of them I have the boxes and what not. So in the next couple of days I’ll parties I’ll be running the numbers for my L3 pluses and I’m going to try to see if it’s even worth setting these up just so that I can mindful like coin that will be.
But they’ll be in another video. So thank you guys for watching. The GP you mining profitability for 2019. I’m going to squeeze out all of the juice that I can from these GP use and an E6 that I have with me right now and I’m going to be praying that cryptocurrency goes up in value.
I still believe in the tech somewhat cryptocurrency is a very risky investment so don’t jump into it without consulting your financial advisor.  This is my cryptocurrency investment. article.
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