Daymond John attacks ex-Shark Tank competitors with restraining order following a $16 million business transaction

Daymond John

Daymond John “Shark Tank”

After appearing on the business reality show, the Baker family called Daymond John a “nightmare” to work with and bashed him on social media.

The Baker family, Daymond John was accused of “misleading”.

The owners of Bubba Q’s Boneless Baby Back Ribs took their earnings and deprived them of lucrative prospects when they publicly published facts about the “Shark Tank” business transaction.

Daymond John
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It took a lot of effort with the choice of bakers to remove their mean.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this,” Zach Rosenfield, John’s representative, started.

“This temporary restraining order has been granted as a result of Baker’s coercive actions to undermine the business partnership and the legal parameters they agreed to four years ago.”

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John “Bubba” Baker is seeking a temporary restraining order against his wife, Sabrina, and their daughter, Brittany.

“Their belief that they can mitigate bad business decisions by inaccurate social media posts and articles will no longer be tolerated,” he said.

The action was dismissed without prejudice by a federal court in New Jersey this week, according to the Los Angeles Times, citing jurisdictional difficulties.


Brittani, Bubba Q’s daughter, continues to market the “Shark Tank” business agreement on social media, prompting John to file a lawsuit against the family.

Shark Tank
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Brittani has revealed a number of emails between Bubba Q’s and the “Shark” business partners.

Brittani and the Baker family claimed that the “Shark” star changed the terms of their first agreement, disregarded their objections, and omitted them from critical business meetings.

She also released an audio recording of a chat she had with John about the business issues her family was facing.

“It’s nothing to do with me.”

“You have to keep talking to people, though, talked to your people.”

Only you’re going to f–k it up, they could have a good cause, but they might be wrong…”

In 2015, the Bakers pitched their boneless baby back ribs on Season 5 of “Shark.”

According to the family, John’s $300,000 offer for 30% of the firm transaction at the time was reduced off-air to $100,000 for 35%.

According to the media site, the Bakers have been vocal about their reservations about engaging in a commercial relationship with Daymond John and Rastelli Foods Group.

A meat factory was hired to create Bubba Q’s Boneless Baby Back Ribs patent.

The family also claimed that they only earned 4% of the company’s $16 million in sales.

Three days after the Los Angeles Times piece was published, John replied to the outrage in a social media video.

The Daymond John  “Shark” investor chastised the Bakers for “intentionally” breaking a confidentiality agreement.

Following his accusation that the Times had publicly pinned a “false narrative” on him, Daymond John exhorted supporters to “always stand up for yourself.”

He also said that he couldn’t disclose any further information on the subject owing to a confidentiality agreement.

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