Gold Rates Falling Sharply In India: Types Of Gold Investment Options, High Returns



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oi-Kuntala Sarkar


A consistent fall in gold rates is expected to boost the retail gold market in India. However, as the gold rates are falling, investors will be more interested to buy gold now, and therefore they should be aware of multiple gold investment opportunities in India. Apart from gold jewelleries, investors can look out for four other types of gold investment instruments for good returns.

Gold ETFs, gold funds, sovereign gold bonds or SGB by the RBI, and digital gold are the most popular gold investment opportunities for investors. All of these four options can be availed digitally or online. These investments are safe and easy to access. Gold ETFs and gold funds can be searched and explored from your regular online investment platforms. Gold ETFs are like all other ETFs, in this case, the fund house will invest in gold and gold-related companies. Gold funds can also be found on the same platforms like Groww and Zerodha etc. The nature of investment will be the same, however, the gold funds require more monetary allocation for investment because of the exit load. You can invest in digital gold online, and UPI app transaction has made this procedure very easy for investors. On the other hand, the SGBs are a government-backed gold investment tool that will be traded online against a secured certificate with 8-years lock-in period.

Comex gold futures were quoted at $1891.80/oz, falling by 0.64%, till last traded. Yesterday it was last quoted at $1904.10/oz. The spot gold prices are quoted at $1891.80/oz, falling by 0.78%, till last traded. On the other hand, the US dollar index in the spot market stood at 102.84, gaining by 0.53%. In India, the MCX gold in June future was quoted at Rs. 51,180 grams, falling by 0.78%, till last traded.


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