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Wi-Fi connectivity has become integral for most smartphone and laptop users as one can find routers in homes and offices. Unlike certain other devices, routers continue to last long. However, if a router needs to be changed then there are ways one can reuse your old routers for various purposes. Here we tell you five things that you can do to keep your router useful.
1) Try building a wireless repeater
If the Wi-Fi doesn’t extend across the full range of an apartment or home, users can configure their old router to operate as a repeater. To do this, a user will have to connect the old router to a new wireless network so that it can access the Wi-Fi signal. The old Wi-Fi can then share the access, giving more network coverage.
2) Wi-Fi connection for guests
If you are a social person or have a large family with too many devices to connect, you can definitely keep the old router for their use. This way your everyday network will have less strain in terms of bandwidth for streaming or working. For this, you will have to connect your old router with the new one. Your old router will then use the guest network feature to give access.
3) Use your old router as a web server
A router can also host a basic web page. If you are running a website and you need a staging area without paying too much for testing themes and plugins then your old router might be the server that you are looking for.
4) You can make your own VPN router
Some old routers, which can be supported by custom firmware, can be set up with VPN software. So, when a device gets connected with that router, it will be protected by the VPN through the home network.
5) Use a different network for your IoT and smart home devices
Most routers these days have a secondary network. But if your router does not have a secondary network, you can use the old router to set up a network specific to your IoT and home devices.


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