How Long Is a Soccer Game Penalties and Shootouts

How Long is a Soccer Game

How long is a Soccer Game – Football, also referred to as football worldwide, is a very popular sport that enthralls millions of followers everywhere in the world.

Understanding how long a soccer match lasts is crucial because it is such an exciting and dynamic sport.

The length of a soccer game match will be today covered in full detail in this article, along with a number of other elements that may affect it.

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Soccer matches are structured in a way that allows for intense and engaging gameplay.

To comprehend the length of a soccer game, it is necessary to consider different components within its structure.

Understanding Regulation Time

A standard long soccer game consists of two halves, each lasting 45 minutes.

Hence, the total duration of the regulation time is 90 minutes.

With the exception of particular circumstances like substitutions, injuries, and when the ball is out of play, the clock is still running throughout this time.

How long is a Soccer Game Half-Time Break

After the first 45 minutes, a soccer match enters a half-time break.

This break typically lasts for 15 minutes, allowing players to rest, rehydrate, and receive tactical instructions from their coaches.

The half-time break is a vital period that gives teams a chance to refocus and modify their tactics.

Extra Time and Stoppage Time

In some soccer competitions, such as knockout tournaments, matches may require additional time to determine a winner.

Extra time consists of two halves, typically lasting 15 minutes for each soccer game.

A penalty shootout might be conducted if the game remains unresolved after extra time.

Stoppage time, also known as injury time or added time, is an extension of the regulation time.

The referee determines it and accounts for the time lost due to various interruptions during the match, including substitutions, injuries, and time-wasting tactics.

The additional minutes of stoppage time are usually announced near the end of each half.

How Long is a Soccer Game
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How long is a Soccer Game Penalties and Shootouts

When a soccer match ends in a draw, especially in knockout tournaments, penalties or shootouts may be employed to determine the winner.

How Long is a Soccer Game – In a penalty shootout, the goalkeeper and the players of his opposing side face off against each other.

This exciting climax can bring immense pressure and decide the game’s outcome.

Factors Affecting the Duration of a Soccer Game

While the standard duration of a long soccer game is 90 minutes, several factors can influence its length.

These factors include:


The style of play and tactics adopted by the teams can affect the flow of the game. Groups that emphasize possession and strategic buildup may experience longer matches compared to those favoring a more direct and fast-paced approach.

Injuries and Substitutions:-

Injuries to players may result in additional time being added by the referee. Substitutions also require players to leave and enter the field, which can lead to stoppages and interruptions.

Time-Wasting Tactics:-

Some teams may employ time-wasting tactics, such as deliberately taking longer for throw-ins, goal kicks, or free kicks, to disrupt the rhythm of the opposing team. These actions can extend the overall duration of the match.

VAR Interventions:-

The introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology has brought additional review processes to the game. VAR interventions, especially for contentious decisions, can prolong the duration of a soccer match.

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A typical soccer game lasts 90 minutes, broken into two 45-minute halves.

The half-time break gives players a small rest, while extra time and stoppage time may be added to select a winner in certain instances.

Various factors, such as gameplay style, injuries, substitutions, time-wasting tactics, and VAR interventions, can influence the overall duration of a soccer match.

How Long is a Soccer Game FAQs

Are there any breaks during the 45-minute halves?

There are no planned breaks during a soccer game’s regulation time. However, stoppages for injuries, substitutions, or when the ball is out of play might cause the game to be briefly paused.

Can a soccer game end in a tie?

Yes, if no victor is established during regular time, extra time, or penalty shootouts, the game can conclude in a tie. Some contests, however, contain extra regulations to secure a victor, such as away goals or the golden goal rule.

Can the duration of a soccer match vary in different leagues or tournaments?

Yes, the length of soccer matches varies depending on the league and event. While the conventional time limit is 90 minutes, other tournaments may have shorter or longer halves, extra time regulations, or alternate tie-breaking techniques.

Does stoppage time add to the overall duration of the match?

Yes, stoppage time, also known as injury time or added time, is added to the regulation time. The additional minutes compensate for interruptions and ensure that the total time played reflects the true duration of the match.

How long does a penalty shootout last?

A penalty shootout typically consists of five penalties for each team. If a winner is not determined after the initial five penalties, it progresses to a sudden-death format until a winner emerges