Backlinks Quick Guide to How To Build Backlinks For Website


Hello, Friends welcome to this new article and in this article. we are going to learn how to build backlinks for website.

I know a lot of people have been waiting for this particular topic very impatiently and I intentionally took a lot of time because

I wanted to make it clear about building backlinks as much as possible,

so I have gathered all the resources together and hopefully, I will deliver.

what you are looking for in terms of backlinks.


We understood what backlinks are basically a hyperlink coming from another website to your website and why they are important even today in 2020,

backlinks are considered to be one of the biggest ranking factors for Google,

which is  why you should be building backlinks to rank for the keywords,

you’re trying to rank for great now we know everything about backlinks except the part on, how to build backlinks for website in this article.

  • I will be going through the different ways in which you can build backlinks and,
  • I will be covering a couple of these ways in depth so let’s go on with
  • it so what are the different ways you can build backlinks to your website

the first and the most obvious one is to go through your competitor’s backlink profile and understand.

what are the kind of Link that are built and try to replicate this now why is this important

two main reasons number one being that you need to understand that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very relative process.

What your competitors

When I say relatively I mean to say that it completely depends on,

what your competitors are doing and all the other websites around you are doing for you to breakthrough,

and outrank them you need to understand the competitive landscape before you proceed into how to build backlinks for website.

Performing your competitive analysis

I will try to give you an example, and try to illustrate my point here so take an example of a keyword,

This might be a little bit of an overkill because in the first place you didn’t need

  • that many backlinks to be built and also you might be on the average of or optimizing,
  • your backlink profile the second most important reason is that it works and it is very easy to do also when I say it works.

I mean that whatever backlinks that your competitors have built Google has acknowledged.

That might not be as worthy as the links that have been already built by your competitors.

why I call it easy is because your competitors have basically made a list of all the links,

that you can build you just have to go out there and how to build backlinks for websites on the same resources.

I will go more into it and show you exactly, how to do it so competent links are extremely important,

not only to understand and gauge the competitive landscape but also for you how to build backlinks for website.

  • The second way you can build backlinks is to profile links can be in the form of your social networking profiles,
  • forum profiles or any other kind of database profiles for that matter and usually these kinds of websites have a lot of authority,
  • and you should be building this kind of how to build backlinks for websites links on websites.

That has a lot of authority, so because these websites have a lot of authority it will pass on their authority especially.

If it’s a new follower link to your website and you might definitely want to capture as much authority,

from these credible websites out there and also it’s a good place to start because it kind of gives an idea to Google that you are trying to grow this naturally.

Where in your building your social networking

Where in your building your social networking handles joining a few relevant forums, etc.

so again in this article, we’ll be talking a little bit about profile links and the kind of places you can build these links

the third way you can build backlinks is from blog comments.

How you do this is basically you go to a particular blog and if you scroll down in the comment section,

there you can see usually three or four sub-sections wherein they’ll ask you for your name, email, website URL and the comment,

that you want to post now the name and URL will become your anchor text and the URL will ultimately.

Turn into a backlink and that’s when you post a comment when it passes through moderation and,

when it goes live in that particular blog post you have earned a particular backlink.

I am trying to make a separate article for this particular type of backlink because it’s rather in-depth and,

I will show you exactly how to find valuable and high authority

Plus where you can go in and comment on the fourth is contextual links are basically links,

which are wrapped by content around it this can be in the form of app 2.0 property like your Tumblr or probably a guest post.

It can also be a press release or it can be an article,

that you are posted somewhere the links which are present in the content is basically.

what you mean by contextual links again there are different ways you can bring these kind of contextual links.

I will share more techniques as to how we can build these kind of links in a separate article,

  • the fifth one is image links image little sin be straight out a link with an anchor text
  • as an image and a lot of companies do that in the form of giving or badges for websites interim
  • they get a backlink for that particular thing this can also be in the form of an infographic,

Wherein you design an infographic or valuable info graphic and you share it across different websites,

and hopefully try to gain backlinks from them the last one is your footer or site wide links,

basically a link which is placed in a foot up can ultimately appear across the website.

Which can sometimes pass on more link juice than usual and which makes it a site-wide link of course and a site-wide link can be also in the form of a sidebar widget also,

Google decides to penalize

Now please remember this is a very gray area space that we are entering into

Google might not always like these kind of links sometimes and it is very important for you to have control over these kind of links

if you are planning to build.

This kind of Link’s because in case Google decides to penalize you for doing something like this

you should be able to remove these links and get out of the penalization so these are the different ways,

you can build backlinks on and probably for each of these different ways.

I will write a separate article and go in-depth as to

how we can get these kind of links now since you know the different ways you can build back.


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