How to get wifi password on computer


How to get wifi password on computer

If you do not know your wifi password, you will go to this post today to know how to know wifi password on PC/Laptop and see how to find wifi password in this post today.

Friends, it happens many times that after connecting our PC/Laptop to Wifi, we forget its password.

And if you have forgotten your password after connecting your computer, or if you want to know, then today I will tell you in this post.

How to find the password of easily connected Wifi in PC/Laptop.

There are 2 ways to know it:-

  1. Command Prompt
  2. Wifi properties

Command Prompt

If you want to find the password of save Wifi in your computer, you can do it with the help of command prompt.

Today in this post, we will know from the details.

  • How to find the password of WIFI in the computer?
  • How to see wifi password?
  • And an easy way to find the password of Wifi?

#1.Whichever computer you want to see the saved wifi password, click on the command prompt first, if you do not get the command prompt on the start button, you can click on All Programs and click on the Accessories, in front of you like this Will appear from

How to get wifi password on computer-1201

#2. This way you will see cmd command prompt.

How to get wifi password on computer-1202

#3. Now you have to type the command in it which I am giving below:- After typing this command you have to press enter.

“netsh wlan show profile”

How to get wifi password on computer-1203

#4. You will be shown the profile of all your Wifi, whatever is connected to your PC/laptop, after that you have to type a command,

which I am telling you below.

“netsh wlan export profile folder=C:\ key=clear”

How to get wifi password on computer-1204

#5. Now your work is finished here, you close this command screen,

now you have to click on My Computer of your system and go to C: \ folder.

How to get wifi password on computer-1205

#6. You will see all your WiFi which is connected to your PC / laptop.

Now right click on any WiFi password you want to know,

and by clicking on the file open with Note pad your wifi password will be seen in front of you.

How to get wifi password on computer-1207

Wifi Properties

#1. The second method is that you have to right click on your wifi icon and click on properties, this way the window will open in front of you.

How to get wifi password on computer-1208

#2. After clicking on wifi properties, a pop up will open in this way, in that you have to click on Show characters, you will see your wifi password in front.

How to get wifi password on computer-1209

Frequently Asked Questions

How to view saved Wifi passwords in Windows 7?

Right-click on the wireless network adaptor and choose Status.
Click the Wireless Properties button.
In the Properties dialog that appears, move to the safety tab.

How am I able to determine my password for my WiFi?

From here, confirm “System” is chosen and “Passwords” is highlighted as the category in the left-hand pane. Next, simply locate your router within the list, then double-click the entry. In the window that pops up next, ticks the box next to “Show password,” and your Wi-Fi password will be displayed

How do I find my WiFi name and password?

To find your WiFi network name and password:
Make sure you’re connected to your WiFi network.
In the taskbar, right-click the WiFi icon, then select Open Network and Sharing Center.
Next to Connections, select your WiFi network name.
Select Wireless Properties.
Select the Security tab.
Select Show Characters.