How to Target Business Owners on Facebook Ads with These 20 Proven Strategies in 2023

How to Target Business Owners on Facebook

The best strategy to target business owners?

How to Target Business Owners on Facebook – The best strategy to target business owners is to focus on their needs and pain points.

What are they struggling with?

What are their goals?

You may modify your marketing communications to meet their demands once you are aware of what those needs are.

Here are a few targeted approaches for reaching company owners: Make use of social media marketing.

Strategies like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all excellent channels for connecting with company owners.

Based on demographics, hobbies, and even job titles, you may focus on your adverts.

Produce material that is pertinent to company owners.

Videos, infographics, and blog articles are all excellent ways to provide important knowledge to company owners.

Your material is well-written, educational, and catered to the particular requirements of your target audience.

Attend trade shows.

Meeting company owners in person is a terrific method to understand their needs.

On these occasions, you may also hand out business cards and promotional materials.

Join forces with other companies. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with more company owners.

You can collaborate with companies that provide related goods or services.

What about B2B on Facebook
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How to Target Business Owners on Facebook

What about B2B on Facebook?

It relies on your Facebook marketing objectives and target audience market.

Facebook has a world wild huge user base platform, making it a great platform to reach a large audience segment.

Facebook users are interested in B2B goods or services, therefore it’s critical to focus your material on your specific audience.

Facebookpage admin target audience find 1

Facebook may be a useful tool if you’re trying to lead generations or increase your brand recognition.

If you are seeking a more direct approach to interacting with decision-makers, you should take into Facebook account employing additional platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and email marketing.

The choice of whether or not to Facebook account for B2B marketing ultimately depends on your unique requirements.

Facebook can be a user’s very useful tool for connecting with a B2B audience if you are willing to spend time customizing your content and tracking your progress.

How to Target Business Owners on Facebook Target business page admins

This first one is a real treasure. Even though it’s so straightforward, many people are unaware that it exists. You may target Facebook business page admins in the “detailed targeting” area of your Facebook advertising business manager.

The majority of company owners manage a Facebook profile. So, this is a fairly quick and simple technique to locate folks who are probably company owners.

On Facebook, “Business page admins” are another group you may target.

Make sure to drive company owners that you are targeting on Facebook to a high-converting funnel with a video sales letter so you can tell them more about your offerings.

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Target magazines or online publications business owners

You may use Facebook Ads Manager to look for a magazine that the owners of the company read and target customers who have shown an interest in it.

Target Facebook online publications

“Entrepreneur” and “Inc” are two examples of online periodicals or magazines with significant readerships.

If “Entrepreneur” is chosen, you will probably target other company owners that fit this description.

Find periodicals or online publications that are tailored to the kinds of businesses you’re targeting if you want the greatest results. For instance, if I wanted to target investment companies, I would look for online investor journals and periodicals.

Target people with an interest in business

Entering business-related terms into the Facebook targeting search box is one of the simplest methods to reach Facebook users who are interested in “business”.

Target people with an interest in business

There are several sorts of interests, all of which are connected to business, as you can see from the screenshot above.

Check to see if any are applicable or linked to your line of work.

To target B2B, for instance, “business-to-business” is an excellent alternative.

Target specific types of job titles

Additionally, you may look for the various job titles of the people you wish to contact on Facebook.

Make sure to provide many job titles.

Target job titles on Facebook ads 2023

Business owners like may employ titles like “CEO,” “Founder”, “Co-founder”, “Director,” and so on.

It will be a good idea to focus on all potential job titles that fit your requirements.

Best practice: Click the “expand interest” checkbox on Facebook ads (under the “detailed targeting expansion” area in your FB ads manager) to identify additional individuals who have work titles similar to the ones you’re seeking to target.

You probably won’t receive many results for some job titles.

Retarget business owners on Facebook that visit your website

You may retarget visitors who come to your website through Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other source so they view your content the same day or a few days later.

Retarget business owners on Facebook

This is a pretty affordable method of attracting more visitors and directing them to the next stage of your sales process.

I have found retargeting people that visit your website within the last 60 to 90 days works well.

You can also create a lookalike audience from people who visit your website and test that too.

Create lookalike audiences for your clients

You may upload that audience to Facebook and look for additional individuals who are similar to them if you have a big enough warm audience (traffic to your website or a database with your greatest leads generation).

Facebook lookalike audience ads

Think of a database of 1,000 to 2,000 of your greatest clients, for instance, according to Facebook.

You can upload that database to Facebook and Facebook’s algorithm will find more similar people just like the ones you uploaded.

This feature alone is an incredibly powerful tool.

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Target tools used by business owners

You may use Facebook’s interest targeting function to look for any online programs or resources you know company owners use.

Target Facebook Ad Business Owner Tools website

For instance, you may target individuals who are interested in Xero (accounting tax software for company owners) if you’re wanting to obtain B2B accounting Facebook leads. If you’re a Xero-focused accountant, this is extremely helpful.

Or, you may target folks who use retirement planning tools or calculators if you’re seeking financial adviser leads.

Which web resources do the business owners you’re aiming to reach use?

Find them in Facebook’s ad management and try to target them there.

Target business owners who go to business networking events

Are your ideal clients interested in any renowned business networking events or seminars?

Facebook advertisements may be used to target these company owners.

Business Network International

Facebook Ads for Business Network International (BNI)

As an illustration, BNI is a well-known business networking and referral marketing event that some business owners attend.

You may use Facebook advertisements to find company owners that are interested in BNI.

Target local business owners

Facebook advertisements allow you to choose a specific geo-location (such as a zip code, city, or state) to target just local company owners and professionals.

If you don’t want to target company owners in particular areas, you may also omit specific zip codes.

Facebook location targeting

By modifying the Facebook location settings in your Facebook ad sets, you may accomplish all of this.

Cities with huge populations make for the finest Facebook ad targets for entrepreneurs.

The likelihood that Facebook’s algorithm will discover your perfect customers increases with the size of the city, state, or region you are targeting.

Combine business interests

Combining several company interests in the Facebook advertising manager is a smart move when targeting business owners with Facebook advertisements.

Don’t, for instance, just target individuals based on their job titles. To focus and identify the greatest types of people, combine job titles with other interests.

You can see how to target B2B companies interested in lead creation in the above graphic.

Make sure the audience size is balanced

Facebook will inform you of your prospective audience size. The number of prospective leads will run out if the audience is too tiny. You may not obtain a lot of leads if the audience is too large.

facebook audience size

Find a healthy balance between being neither too narrow nor too broad.

Facebook will inform you whether your audience is too narrow or too wide in the “Audience Definition” area.

Split test different business audiences

It’s critical to compare various business audiences to determine which will perform best and produce the most leads. Tests should never end.

Facebook business audience testing

The audiences (or Facebook interests) in the examples above are some of the ones I tried in my Facebook ad campaigns to see which one performed the best.

Call out specific business owners in your ad copy

By doing this, Facebook will be able to identify the kind of company owners who are most likely to be interested in how you can help them, and the correct individuals will interact with your advertisement.

Here is a sample advertisement I made to generate leads for financial advisors.

As you can see, the advertisement explicitly targets financial consultants:

This ensures that only financial advisers will view and click on the advertisement. This aids Facebook’s ad system in better optimizing your advertising for targetting the appropriate demographic.

Get help from a professional (Bonus Tips)

You have two choices when it comes to Facebook ad targeting of company owners.

  • You can spend thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising, make plenty of errors, and learn from them by doing it wrong.
  • As opposed to doing it all on your own, you may collaborate with someone who specializes in using Facebook advertisements to target company owners, which can help you avoid mistakes, save money, and achieve results faster.

Check out the free training video I prepared here if you need assistance targeting company owners with Facebook advertisements.

This free training explains in further detail how my automated appointment funnel for Facebook advertisements functions.

How do I target business owners on Facebook?

Want to connect with company owners on Facebook? Here are a few bits of advice: target based on the person’s job title, industry, hobbies, and even the kind of company page they oversee.

You can target the proper audience with your advertising thanks to Facebook’s comprehensive targeting tools.

How do you target a small business owner?

A useful target market for many firms is small company owners. They are receptive to new goods and services that might aid in the expansion of their company since they are frequently busy and searching for methods to save time and money.

When marketing to small company owners, it’s important to have the following in mind:

  • Recognize what they need. What problems do small company entrepreneurs have the most trouble with?
  • What are their objectives for their companies?
  • You may modify your marketing communications to meet their demands once you are aware of what those needs are.
  • Use their native tongue. In general, small business entrepreneurs are less formal than corporate CEOs.
  • Use words and phrases that people can relate to and comprehend.
  • Regarding your value proposition, be specific. What distinguishes your goods or services from those offered by rivals?
  • What makes you a good choice for a small company owner? In your marketing campaigns, be explicit about the advantages of your product or service.
  • Make doing business with you simple for them. Make it simple for busy small company owners to learn about and begin using your product or service. Make sure your website is simple to use and provide free samples or demonstrations.

Can I target companies on Facebook?

Yes, you may use Facebook to target businesses. Facebook has a range of targeting choices that let you connect with companies of different sizes, from little start-ups to enormous multinational enterprises. Companies can be targeted depending on their location, job title, industry, and even the hobbies of their staff.

You must set up a campaign and a Facebook Ads account in order to target businesses on Facebook. Following that, you can utilize the targeting choices to focus your audience on businesses that might be a suitable fit for your product or service.

You may choose to market to enterprises with less than 100 employees, for instance, if you provide software for small businesses.

Or, if you own a marketing firm, you may focus on businesses with monthly marketing budgets over $10,000.

You may reach your ideal clients with your marketing messages and increase sales by targeting businesses on Facebook.

How do I target startup founders on Facebook?

Reach individuals that are interested in entrepreneurship, have a company page, or hold positions like CEO or Founder by using specific targeting settings on Facebook.

Additionally, you may focus on Facebook users who have interacted with your website or content.

How to Target Business Owners on Facebook FAQs

How can I effectively target business owners on Facebook?

You can use Facebook’s in-depth targeting features to efficiently target company owners.
Start by deciding on “Business Owners” or a group with comparable interests as your target market.
On Facebook advertisements, you can target your audience based on variables like industry, job title, firm size, and region.
You may successfully reach this demographic by running targeted advertisements, joining pertinent business organizations, and participating in business-related content.

What strategies should I employ to reach business owners on Facebook?

Consider using the following tactics to connect with company owners on Facebook:
Produce captivating and pertinent material that is especially suited to the needs and passions of company owners.
Use Facebook advertising with precise targeting options to connect with the targeted demographic.
Participate in business-related Facebook groups and communities and engage in networking.
Offer beneficial tools to draw in business owners and establish a rapport with them, such as free manuals or webinars. To increase your influence, team up with powerful company leaders or subject-matter experts.

Are there specific features or tools on Facebook that can help me target business owners?

Facebook does really offer a number of features and tools that can help you target company owners:
You may target your audience specifically based on their interests, professions, industries, and more with the help of detailed targeting tools.
Using your own contact list or website visitor information, Custom Audiences let you target company owners.
You may locate people who are similar to your current consumers with the use of lookalike audiences, which may include company owners.
Integrating Facebook Pixel on your website allows you to monitor visitor activity and retarget them with pertinent adverts.
You may join or start groups on Facebook Groups that are centered around business-related issues where you can communicate with company owners directly.

What are some tips for creating engaging content that appeals to business owners on Facebook?

Take into account the following advice to produce interesting material on Facebook that appeals to company owners:
By giving helpful advice, industry insights, and answers to frequent business problems, concentrate on adding value.
Make your material stand out in the Facebook stream by using eye-catching headlines and images.
Apply narrative approaches to your material to make it memorable and relatable.
Encourage discussion by posing queries, running polls, or asking your audience for feedback.
Use interesting forms to vary your information, such as infographics, videos, and live broadcasts.

Are there any best practices or case studies available for targeting business owners on Facebook?

Yes, there are a number of case studies and best practices that may help you target company owners on Facebook.
Facebook’s Business Help Center, Facebook for Business blog, and Facebook’s Blueprint e-learning platform are excellent places to acquire useful information and insights.
Additionally, case studies and success stories about focusing on company owners on Facebook are frequently shared in journals for the marketing and social media industries.
Investigating these sources might provide you with useful tips and examples that can help you improve your strategy and get better outcomes.