Hyundai Kona Electric Car – Real EV Engine

Hyundai Kona Electric Car – Eco Technology Hi guys and welcome to another blog. This is the book international it’s so good. And I have bugged the corner in a corner and as you can see this guy doesn’t look that big. In fact, it’s smaller than the DA and I grab his leg a big good slightly bigger I-20 lets open or it doesn’t have an engine. What comfort I use says eco-technology eve insulation here but liquid water makes no noise whatsoever. So this is the design of the vehicle now. It looks very distinct from it but Drew goes in and you see there’s no opening for the grid because nothing needs to be cool.
Hyundai Kona Electric Car – Fog LightHowever, if you want to jog the vehicle. Yeah. This is the board to guide the weight and I’ll tell you more when I’m driving the guide about how you can do it but how you can see the indicator how much the battery’s dead. And as you can see. That is closed now hood. That is something projected a sensor and it’s not going off the vehicle. Actually, it looks very distinct and nice but it looks very small as well like the lights on this vehicle. In fact who was the first one to adopt this light system and many people say that the cone has been copied from the heading or the fact that actually, the out was the first to make good among these three to actually, get this technology to the indicator does an LCD on their top the main light out here below and obviously a fog light as well here cooling for the wheels.

hyundai_kona_electricThat is for the brakes you know why I show to you in a bit number looks nice as well. You get this. You know one key graphics that actually. Just really with electric maybe indigo to here as well cooling is required from there because the visa such that they’re not open at all. Now all this has been done for aerodynamic efficiency these days up to 15 50s by 17. The design is very distinct. I would say this blue drive Hood because it’s an electric vehicle. And from this side, you can see it is on four-point one meter long in terms of length.

It is not very long as such. And from the rear, it might remind you of the I-20 active. Yeah, there’s a decent amount of ground control here because it’s actually electric vehicle but apparently, it’s an electric SUV. It says electric here it’s this corner there and you get reflectors as well as indicators the brake lights. I’ll be glad to have attention to detail and obviously uses leading lights. But at the front as well as the video you’ll get a shock when you go through frames that are not functioning you’ll get indicators on the outside of your view mirrors to get beautiful wipers as well.
Hyundai Kona Electric Car – Integrated Stoplight

And as it keeps circling I don’t let me tell you that gets a nice spoiler as well but an integrated stoplight. Open the boot of the vehicle.
Now the boot is decent sized but there is no spare. We don’t know if that is actually the speed you don’t know either there would be no speed none of this has been going on for which is a smaller size 185 it is 17 and it is not an. And this is the regular charger of the vehicle to try to make it. I’ve got a 60 40 split. See this space to get stuff here. There’s a light placement here there’s a hook there. And lets we can get into the rear seat.
Now there’s some amount of disappointment here because good the doors open wide and the pockets are decent sized to keep stuff. There isn’t much space on offer right now. Obviously, the seat has been pushed ahead. This is behind you can see there’s no space but this is behind but honestly when you’re driving the car you realize that the friends you took over the bill and then your seats are comfortable but your seats just lack space. So there’s not a good amount of legroom on offer Needleman is decent because scooped out seatback magazine does here as well.
But under that support is quite well there’s a center armrest here as well. But Whincup Well those three are just with headrest. The center. This ship is a bit different I would say headroom is decent on one’s descent from a height is a whole lot to hold onto and would decide there’s a light placement had that light placement at the front as well. All Black cabin looks really nice but this guy gets out of features star does.
Obviously, it gets passive entry. And here you see both pockets on different sides a different sort of controls here. These up for the bar window these are for the outside you give me those little buttons how this is going to go because the intensity of the instrument cluster this is to put this on or when the guys open you can also open the place to try to make good traction control and the assessment which by the way I don’t even know what it means if you guys know it leaves it in the comment section below.Hyundai Kona Electric Car – Atractive USB Charging Point on Front SideLet it go just for the front driver’s seat. How could I see that all the different effects? Why. Just like the electric car just her glove box is a decent size. That’s what you’ve done on the vehicle. But it goes. Yeah, I did I could have done it on you would not realize it. Very silent extremely silent climate control air conditioning obviously air conditioning works really well on this vehicle this space to keep stuff head is a USB plug hat is an ox here. And guess what this wireless charging as well.So let me try that right now. Yeah. That wireless charging has been activated 69 was in charge it says electric button. These other buttons for the guest election or towards their drive more to basically get in through the various drive sport equal as well as conflict natural changes The less discolored as with so different colors and different more. So that is a digital display right. That looks really nice.

I’m talking about an instrumentalist as you can see it’s a digital unit on the left you see the power and charge meter on that right I do see the battery power in the center. You get a speedometer in the center you’ll see the range meter on the right to get a tire pressure monitoring system. Distance to empty a lot of stuff there as well.
Obviously, we get a lot of buttons to hold these up while the audio controls. This is what the cruise control system is doing. It’s nice to hold these are the controls for the headlight These are the controls for the wipers the wipers work really ready to order inside of your mirror. Here you get a mirror as well as a light and a light placement is here. OK. Let me move this so satisfying. Doing this every time it lets me on this. Meanwhile, the same as it gets here along with light there’s a sun glass hut here.
 The Lord of lights here as well. Yeah, a lady lights. I mean why did the sun go feel. Let’s open the sunroof right. These things I sunroof I would say the front seats are quite comfortable and it opens decently big too. Meanwhile, I like it or the order to me and said your view mirror. This happens to be an infotainment screen. There happens to be a seven-inch screen here. Now, this screen obviously gets a lot of features like Apple got play Android Auto connectivity. Let me get into it was is that it was a bucking camera.
 It gets guidelines to adapt. David gets it was sparking sensors as well. And. Here you can see it gets ventilated seats for both the front seat. It also gets heated seats for both the front seats as well. We are under the fence into the space to keep stuff here too. And yes there’s a push-button start does the steering wheel just a bit only for height. Unfortunately, it is not adjustable for Reach and air conditioning like it only works really well. Let us get into the box right now and it doesn’t get the go to get coffee features which we live in on the venue because this is a slightly or lack of understanding of the judging limit because after time obviously the battery also due to idiots.
Now this looks like a space to keep stuff with you but it’s still open but unfortunately, it’s not it It looks like a dummy piece dashboard looks nice qualities is obviously very good. It’s a Honda after all. It’s a quality life is not an issue at all inside this vehicle. Let’s quickly get into audio right now and play it to see how it is the audio quality of this way climb surging about nine yards he’ll. Be. GINNY STEIN. But.Hyundai Kona Electric Car – kwality Air Bags. What do you call it is decent it has got plenty of airbags as well. Yeah, it’s got side airbags.So the fighters actually have regenerated more so they’re too bad. OK, two events that left one that actually increases the regenerative key in well the right one decreases it and to relive delivers footage and record-breaking as well obviously live it to be the regenerative braking is just too much. I mean it’s too aggressive to do that anymore done on Friday actually for more. Okay, so here you go into more driving when not if I keep this pressed I can get into equal plus which is like super fuel-efficient or either energy efficient.

The guidelines and you know it limits the speed of 90 kilometers per hour. So that is a difference. And all these modes actually alter how much power and how much danger I want to be getting from the vehicle thereby altering the extradition of the vehicle meanwhile is something which is in too easily seen there’s actually storage space below. Yeah.
That is a distorted space Bill. It’s similar to the Honda Civic. And yeah it’s difficult to access it. There’s Otway wheel charging socket along with a USB socket as well so that is split below which is not the best place to place it as such but it is actually quite species I would say you can keep a lot of stuff dead as well. And yeah I think it’s time we start to drive the car.
Hyundai Kona Electric Car – Mileage  All right we’re exiting the building. That is the advantage of an electric motor because you get all the light from the get-go that is from zero IBM and this one use a thirty-nine point two-kilowatt hour battery. Now, this is obviously a lithium-ion battery that has a range of 462 kilometers as far as the eye but you know if we know the performance just look at okay I am just cruising along here overtime in the sport. And. As soon as I get a little taller there’s an instant so then it takes off immediately.In fact, you don’t know it in two minutes but I would take just nine points seven seconds which is blisteringly fast. What I’ve got is this heavy because of the batteries and it produces one hundred and thirty-six horsepower I don’t 136 pieces of power. Meanwhile, the dog I’d put a team 90 find you within me does which gives a good amount of punch in fact. So you see. Yes, it actually spins it reads every time we get into the order that is the level of performance on our floor every time we’re going to the gas there’s an instant surge of trust and the brakes are also very nice.I mean the brakes are sure-footed. It doesn’t have the feel. OK. Yeah, I can use regenerative braking with the pedals. The exhibition is really very brisk and you know. It’s not about just going fast it’s about you know making an overtake. Right now you see that I-20 that I wanna make an. No problem get him off the gas. Hundred percent forward and there it goes. That is the level of performance on all four right. Obviously that in a sport. I am shocked to say that the steering actually offers some feel.

Yeah it does feel a little heavy in the center position as well weighs up at higher speeds and I feel that it’s like there is some amount of connectivity here between the steering and the views. I’m not going to get into a video of connected guy but auto yes we’re digging. No problem. A good amount of trust in all. Feels quite short for the discard even track straight at high speeds. That’s again a very nice thing. It’s supremely silent. Obviously, it has to be because of the electric motor there’s no sound whatsoever.
 You can barely hear anything inside the cabin but that’s actually dangerous you would say right. At lower speeds, because if people around they would not hear the car coming to this guy actually emits fixed sounds for dead people around that they are the guy disappears and actually another very interesting bit about this guy. Wait let me down. I’m tired, don’t you? But did I get a regenerative break? You’ll get that just improving performance. Here you go. See. Feels very nice very sure-footed. And by whom this standard is absolute.
No. Man. Yeah. Some to rule obviously that because of the weight they’re actually different the suspension for obvious reasons because this guy is actually on the heavier side and because of the heavyweight they had to stiffen the suspension so on the smooth road you can barely feel anything but out on the road spacing on Indian roads. I believe you could feel a lot more. And that is a bit disappointing but then Honda guys actually were after suspension this doesn’t have us of the suspension. It has a stiffer suspension setup.
So slow down a bit here under the gas. Great bunch. I love the way this guy actually puts hard and fast nicely. Now the corners actually have a little bit too powertrain options. No I’m sorry the Connect link because I have a lever battery options corner also a little in normal if you will like just petrol. But in India, there launch only one battery pack. The other battery pack which is above 60-kilowatt hour obviously produces more ohms is faster from zero to 10 minutes but I would bet at least a couple of seconds.

But more important than that is the fact that that go not the one with the high battery pack obviously has a higher range as well. This one is the lower end one but still, the range is quite good as far as the Arrow but in the real world you can expect that to go around 300 kilometers. Now how do you judge this guy? Well, there are two options to charge the vehicle as well. Now there is the regular charge which comes with the car. You see the spins at any given moment because that is the level of trust on-off at any given moment you get rid of the gas and the wheel immediately is beating itself.
Hyundai Kona Electric Car –  Interior Design
But it’s also a good performance. But you know the only gripe is that it kind of feels artificial. It’s surprising dude that I will soon take I’ve actually offered you some sort of feel and yeah I saw him with the jogging walking that see charging options. Let’s go through these. Clubs. That you can feel some bit of the stiffness so the three judging auction the standard judge which comes in the guide. Big night thinking I was to judge the vehicle that’s like 19 freaking hours from the house but an introductory of what is here.
If you either you to by the corner then you’re gonna obviously get complimentary and other charges which actually judges the vehicle in six hours 10 minutes. However, the DC charges which can be a very tired maybe one-day showrooms or a few petrol bombs as well. That takes only 57 minutes to go from zero to percent judge which is actually quite fab. Just check this out. Reid spins at any given moment. Yeah. TIRES SCREECHING as well but Diaghilev is fine I would say like a drunken 17 injuries Diaghilev is fine.
 The foot on the brake right foot on the exit. And here we go. Instant punch. Pulls nicely.
And yeah don’t speed up and still be at one hundred and fifty-five sixty. You are in 55 160 kilometers an hour as you can see there is a constant surge and it just blows it relentlessly breaks. Also of great stopping boat as well.
Now, of course, the Kona is priced at a premium but when you look at the range and the technology on offer it actually looks great value for money. And this guy is bright. Twenty-nine likes under no. You pay an additional 30000 more for the newly don’t color which happens to have the black roof a green thousand extra room and that equates to thirty thousand on the road.
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