Indigo Launches Scheme For Booking 2 Seats Per Passenger




oi-Roshni Agarwal


Amid the corona crisis, low frill air carrier Indigo on Friday launched a facility wherein a single person can book two seats for additional safety while air travelling. “The charges for the extra seat will be effectively up to 25 percent of the original booking cost. This offer is effective travel starting July 24, 2020,” the airline said in a statement.

Indigo Launches Scheme For Booking 2 Seats Per Passenger

And this scheme referred as “6E double seat” scheme shall only be available from the company’s website and not from any other channel including travel portals, IndiGo call centre or airport counters.

This facility comes at a time when as per the survey travelers are highly concerned as social distancing norms are not being adhered to and people while flying have known to have contracted the fatal infection.”Factors such as lack of social distancing by other passengers (62 percent of respondents), quarantine measures by states (55 percent) and sitting in the aircraft with so many people (55 percent) have been identified as key deterrents for air travel,” the survey said.

On Friday, IndiGo’s chief strategy and revenue officer Sanjay Kumar said, “Even though air travel is the safest mode of travel at this point, we understand the customers’ emotional need for safety.” “We had been receiving such requests and are happy to introduce the option to book two seats for a single passenger to ensure additional safety,” he added. Besides, a majority of the company’s tenant base is IT and ITeS which has done well during the pandemic, they said.


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