The relationship is JPay and Securus the same 2024

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The question Is JPay and Securus the same, or at least similar, has been asked over and over again. This is a worthwhile matter, so this paper analyzes it more in detail

They have a symbiotic relationship; is JPay and Securus the same, which makes one wonder whether they are two sides of the same company?

Today, in this blog, to clarify this further, let’s explore the special features of these two corporations.

is JPay and Securus the same

Who is JPay?

JPay therefore assumes the position of a prominent technology company that works to provide numerous services that inmates across America need.

They have truly revolutionized many aspects of the prison system in such a way that they turn them into digital online platforms fully accessible to both prisoners themselves and their family members outside.


JPay provides services like digital money transactions, email connectivity, and video calls that not only include phone contacts but also provide an online learning platform, including writing as a leisure activity.

This therefore positions JPay as a critical player in creating communication and support mediums for people within the prison system and their outside associates.

So, JPay plays a major role in improving the imprisonment experience with its modern digitized products.

Is JPay and Securus the same

Who is Securus?

Securus Technologies is a leader in technology solutions, catering to both the civil and criminal justice markets.

This company is mainly known for the telecommunication services offered in prisons.

The mission of Securus is to improve security features while enhancing the lives of inmates.

Their extended scope of services includes handling incidents, ensuring action in emergencies, communicating personal information and management in response to emergencies, as well as conducting investigations into the communication network traffic analysis verification procedure, monitoring communications, and introducing avenues for internalized self-serve systems serviced by imprisonment personnel.

Although Securus and JPay are separate firms, the two have close ties, as seen through their relationship under Section 138. JPay was bought by Securus in 2015, which allowed them to jointly provide a wide range of services intended for both the inmate population and their loved ones.

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Are JPay and Securus the same?

The question, “Is JPay and Securus the same?” is slightly problematic. Yes, they are linked as a result of the acquisition in 2015, when Securus Technologies acquired JPay.

This amalgamation enabled the coordination of assets to improve and expand the services they offer.

However, it is essential to emphasize that even though they function under the same umbrella, each firm retains its identity independently and has different services at hand.

JPay caters to digital monetary transactions, email, video visits, and an educational platform, while Securus predominately provides telecommunication services within the prison system.

Despite sharing the same quest, there are separate roles in providing services to incarcerated individuals and their families. Thus, as they can be linked, “Are JPay and Securus the same?

They operate as two individual organizations, each providing different scopes of services in the prison setting.

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How do I combine JPay and Securus?

Benefiting from both is JPay and Securus the same services may be very simple, in part because of their partnership.

After setting up an account with any of these companies, the availability and use of other services are made possible through one single login.

For instance, if you first create an account with JPay to enjoy their money transfer and e-mail services, later on, it will be possible for the individual in prison or other people from outside who want to communicate using the Securus phone service to access these participants through this same initial account at JPay.

It is worth mentioning that, although all of them are of the same branch, each has a particular orbit service.

This integration following the 2015 acquisition saves time and makes usage more convenient since it allows users to access both JPay as well Securus.

The interaction between the two platforms Is JPay and Securus the same aimed at creating comfort and ease for their users, especially those with loved ones who are locked up in custody.

What company took over JPay?

In 2015, the transformation of ownership for JPay happened; at this time, it was purchased by Securus Technologies.

This merger was not just a mere takeover but an interlocking of the two firm’s strengths.

The acquisition of is JPay and Securus the same technologies enabled them to incorporate the unique digital services offered by JPay into their wider range of offerings, thus enabling better service delivery.

The outcome of this union was the development of a more comprehensive package for both the inmates and their relatives.

JPay continues to maintain its characteristic uniqueness; it is currently run under Securus Technologies’ ownership.

Can you get money off of Securus?

Securus Technologies gears towards technology solutions that provide telecommunication services in the criminal justice systems as opposed to directly handling monetary dealings.

Even though they do provide inmate self-service services, these rest on the provision of communication and information access features but not monetary payment transactions.

In the case of funds that go to inmates, they almost always pass through JPay which deals specifically with money transfers using digital methods for use by prisoners.

As a result, funding straight from Securus is unattainable. Nevertheless, via the alliance is JPay and Securus the same; users can control as well as trace their transactions using Securus after opening an account with Jpay.

These companies are under the same umbrella but each of them has its own set of service offerings.

It is always advisable to consult the official guidelines from both companies, so that they know what their services entail.

What is the JPay Controversy?

Even such revolutionary services as JPay have not been left without a certain degree of scandal.

The biggest objection on the company concerns the very high fees for its services. Critics contend that these price take advantage of the financial weaknesses tied to the incarcerated populace and families, who even times need to foot her expenses.

They argue that these prohibitive costs unjustifiably and unfairly impose financial hardship on families of inmates paying visitation.

On the other hand, JPay asserts that such a charging system is justified since these fees are fundamental for sustaining and improving its unique product line of services.

This conflict reflects the continuous discussion about achieving business performance while striving for ethics in service provision to downtrodden individuals.

is JPay and Securus the same
is JPay and Securus the same

Is JPay and Securus the same?

Certainly, Securus Technologies is the mother company of JPay. The acquisition took place in 2015, which was a milestone both for the acquirer and for the acquired companies.

The idea behind this strategic move was to combine the strengths and services of both entities, which would therefore make them provide more formidable penitentiary community offerings for their families.

The acquisition, though preserving the uniqueness of JPay as a whole, is to operate under Securus Technologies’ wider umbrella.

Since that point, this affiliation has made it feasible for them to coordinate their assets and powers to give an extensive variety of administrations intended chiefly for the one-of-a-kind populace.

Therefore, although is JPay and Securus the same independent businesses, they jointly operate under one roof which is that of ownership by the unified entity or identity known as Securus Technologies.

Can inmates use JPay for phone calls?

While JPay is known for the variations of digital services that are incredibly helpful to inmates, such as their financial transfers or email communication systems, it does not supply telephone-related necessities.

This particular provision lies within the purview of Securus Technologies.

However, owing to the different relationship between Is JPay and Securus the same, inmates as well as their families can access through one account on which they hold with Jpay all other phone services offered by Securus.

This simplified approach allows inmates and their families an opportunity to access various services via one point of contact leading to better experiences.

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