JK Tyres introduces ‘self-healing’ car tyres with elastomer inner coat



JK Tyres recently launched what is slated to be the country’s first-ever self-healing tyre for four-wheelers. The ‘Puncture Guard Tyres‘use an elastomer inner coat which is applied inside the tyres. The material settles into a crack or cut in case of a puncture, hence ‘self-healing itself.
The company states that the tyres with this technology can self-repair multiple punctures in the tread area due to nails or other sharp objects up to 6.0 mm diameter. The Puncture Guard Tyres claim to offer a hassle-free ride throughout the life of the tyre without air loss.
JK Tyres showcased a number of concept tyres at the 2020 Auto Expo. The Puncture Guard Tyre was one of these concepts.
“With the introduction of Smart tyre technology in 2020 and now the Puncture Guard Tyre technology, we have yet again delivered on our commitment to provide advanced mobility solutions to our customers. This technology offers a high level of safety and convenience to vehicle owners,” Raghupati Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director, said.
JK Tyres assures that the Puncture Guard tyre has been tested on the road and on off-road conditions as well.
JK Tyre & Industries Ltd launched its range of ‘Smart Tyres’ at the 2020 Auto Expo. These tyres use a cloud-based monitoring system for features that include diagnostics. The company states that the Smart Tyre range allows early detection of problems and improves fuel efficiency by 4-5 percent.
The Smart Tyre technology is compatible with cars, bikes and commercial vehicles. It is available in three variants for cars – Smart Tyre Sensor Car Kit: Valve, MTrac Smart Sensor Car & Truck Kit: Valve and MPower Smart Sensor Car Kit: Valve. Similarly, it is available in two variants for bikes- Smart Tyre Sensor Bike Kit: Belt and MTrac Smart Sensor Bike Kit: Belt.


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