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Bollywood actor John Abraham is currently awaiting the release of his highly anticipated next ‘Attack’. Helmed by Lakshya Raj Anand, the film also stars Jacqueline Fernandez and Rakul Preet Singh in pivotal roles. Ahead of the film’s release, John engaged in a roundtable interaction, where ETimes was also a part of it. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

On ‘Attack’ releasing in theatres

An elated John shares, “I think the best news that I can give you, as an actor, on behalf of the industry is that people are coming back to cinemas. This is my first release in a (presumably) non-pandemic situation. With ‘Mumbai Saga’, it was released on Friday and unfortunately all the malls shut on Monday.

Maintaining his niche as an action hero

Time and again, John has delivered spectacular hit movies as an action hero. When asked about creating a mark of himself with this genre, John says, “I think I have carved my niche as a producer who makes different films. If it is ‘Vicky Donor’, ‘Madras Cafe’, ‘Parmanu’, ‘Batla House’. I’m sure no one expected anything from Attack, till they saw the teaser. When people saw the trailer, they realised that there was a story here and something interesting. Action is second nature to me, but it only works if it is conceptually in sync or if there is a beautiful emotion attached to it”.

He further added, “I would like for people to believe in JA Entertainment and know that when it is a John Abraham production, the content will be something different. If that doesn’t come across, then I am still chasing that”.

On doing commercial masala films

John revealed, “When you do masala films, you run the risk of completely failing, as I did. Or, you also accept the high side of it and know it’s going to (get box office success).

It is like batting. If your timing is right, you can hit the ball out of the park. If it is not, then you completely fail”.

On being confident about ‘Attack’s success

John Abraham is known for believing in his vision and having said that, the amount of confidence and trust he has for ‘Attack’ is similar to what he had for his hit film ‘Parmanu’. He says, “I talk very rarely about my films like this. I am not in the business of hard-selling crap. Every film has a lead actor, act 1, 2, 3, climax and you are out. Attack is 1 hour and 45 minutes. My director is very young, he is only 30 years old and he told me, ‘John, I don’t want people picking up their phone. I want to make a film that is so fast and different that I want them to be hooked. I think, hopefully, he has achieved that with this film”.

He added, “This film has been made very differently. The music, sound design, set design, action direction was created first and then we went out and shot it. So we completely reversed the process and it fit together very beautifully”.

On expanding ‘Attack’ franchise

During the interaction, John was asked if he plans to expand Attack similar to the Hollywood film ‘Avengers’, bringing in new actors and more. To which he said, “We have an idea and a concept, but we don’t know when we are going to start honestly. The only reason we put part one, was because it was my decision. When I saw the film end, I felt it needed a sequel. At this point, we are only focused on ‘Attack’ and we didn’t expect the reaction to be ‘Part 2 kab ban raha hain?’ We want to develop it, but we have no actors or timeline in mind, just an idea”.

Action heroes don’t know action, but it is all about the attitude

During the press conference, John had mentioned how action heroes don’t know action, but it’s all about their attitude, and that is what makes them stand out. Reflecting on the same, he shared, “When I said ‘they don’t know action’, what I meant was they are not so proficient in action. What makes action heroes is their attitude. I believe action is not about 6 packs. I think the most successful action heroes the world over are the ones who have a great attitude and not just a great body”.

Becoming the sort of modernized patriot, with films like ‘Tehran’ and ‘Attack’

“No… I thought Akshay Kumar was that,” shares the actor. For me, India’s heroism doesn’t come from waving the flag. For example, India has abstained from the Russia and Ukraine conflict. I am not getting political. Why has India abstained?

Because India is smart enough to understand that their oldest ally has always been Russia.
America kahi par bhi ja sakta hai, and can pull anything from under your feet. India has recognized that and for me, that is heroism. India should not be pressured to give a vote. I am not saying that I stand for the war. I don’t stand for war.

My idea of heroism is if Iran and Israel fight on Indian soil, I will go to them, hammer them up and say don’t mess with Indians on Indian soil. For me, modern-day heroism is that space. I would not like to wave the Indian flag and say I am Indian. For me, modern heroism is showing where India’s position in the world ecosystem is, in a way that a modern person will understand.


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