Kelly Clarkson News on Steve Martin collaborations, ‘Terrible’ Divorce, and TV show dispute

Kelly Clarkson News divorce

Kelly Clarkson News

Readily admits her new album, “Chemistry,” tracks “an emotional roller coaster of a relationship.”

As she weathered a contentious divorce from Brandon Blackstock, her husband of over seven years and the father of her children River Rose, 9, and Remington Alexander, 7, there is little doubt that Clarkson drew from a well of sentiments.

When she filed for divorce three years ago (the divorce was finalized in March 2022), Kelly Clarkson News channeled her whirling emotions into her 10th studio album, but she couldn’t bring herself to release the songs at the time.

Not because she was afraid the rest of the world would hear the growl that drives “Red Flag Collector,” the indignation in “High Road,” or the subtle grief in “Skip This Part.”

She just understood that she couldn’t participate in interviews to talk about her erratic mental condition.

She recalled telling her label, “I will be useless and just cry.”

Kelly Clarkson News
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But now that she’s reset, 41-year-old Kelly Clarkson News is excited for listeners to dive into “Chemistry,” which drops this Friday.

Blending pop, soul, and rock and topping it with her guest of a voice, the album is a relatable mix of moods decorated with dollops of unexpected guests.

(Steve Martin loans his banjo to “I Hate Love” while Sheila E. adds the percussive pulse to “That’s Right”).

Clarkson, who moonlights as the host of “The Kelly Clarkson News”.  Up until she announced her leave from “The Voice” in May, she had already addressed claims of a hostile workplace on her syndicated talk show.

The shrewd and astute Clarkson addressed the problems on the program, made fun of herself for “aiming high” to persuade Martin to appear on the record, and expressed her relief at being “in a different chapter.”

Kelly Clarkson News: It reminds her of the song “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” Because it is how I felt, I enjoy how the album begins and finishes.

I remember saying to people, “I want to skip this part” (while going through a divorce).

You have had some great breakup songs in your career, but what other artists do you think have some of the best?

I think for our generation “Jagged Little Pill” by Alanis Morissette was our breakup album.

That’s a huge one for me.

And I’m a Joni Mitchell girl.

I like going to that kind of vibe.

I enjoy Toni Braxton and certain country music, and Fiona Apple brings back fond memories for me.

If I’m angry, I go to Nirvana.

While digesting all of the feelings you were experiencing, who were you listening to?

I literally didn’t listen to anyone.

I was just writing.

What kind of sound I want the record to have wasn’t even on the agenda.

I’ve never made a record like this.

Every writer buddy I’ve ever collaborated with, every producer who had some tracks, or even just myself, I pretty much sent a pigeon to.

You worked with several intriguing people on the record, including Gayle, who co-wrote “Me.”

Kelly Clarkson News 1
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Why did you make that song available as a single with “Mine”?

For this record, it was crucial to me that a lot of people heard it before the official release.

I don’t want my relationship to be reduced to a single song.

That is unfair and unrepresentative of the album Kelly Clarkson News.

I didn’t expect to see the names Steve Martin and Sheila E. on the track listing.

I’ve been blessed to share the stage with Sheila.

I love her as a human.

She is a solid, great, kind person, and I love having those people in my world.

I recall saying to my producer as I was writing the song, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Sheila played on this?” I made reference to Steve composed the song “I Hate Love.” Kelly Clarkson News.

I love the remark, “You can keep (Ryan) Gosling, and I’ll take Steve Martin.”

Regarding the notion that love makes you do such foolish things, I was feeling both sarcastic and quite real.

You continue to cling to this notion of what someone, yourself, or love is, while in reality, you haven’t moved on to a scenario where you’re worth more than this.

You must strive for greater things.

Did you go to the recording session with Steve to make the song?


I was super depressed for a week because he said yes and I couldn’t meet him in person.

You come up with an idea like.

  • I was aiming high.
  • He has more Grammys than I do!
  • I have been a fan forever.
  • But I wasn’t able to be doing the talk show.

I’m looking forward to meeting him one day.

  • Oh, anger is on point.
  • I was very, very angry.

Unfortunately, I am aware that many people have experienced sadness or a severe catastrophe like a divorce.

But there’s nothing common when you’re going through it.

It’s very foreign, it’s horrible.

A lot of time stupid, (stuff) gets said and you just can’t believe it.

I was angry and really hurt.

That song and “I Hate Love” are probably the most direct ones that deal with that level of anger.

Kelly Clarkson News 2
Image Credit: kellyClarkson/Instagram

How are you feeling these days?


I needed to be here, and I waited for that moment.

I’m listening to these songs being released and it’s like hearing a different person.

It was three years ago that we separated, so it’s nice to be on the other side of it.

There’s no anger or anything, it’s just a different chapter.

What are your plans for the show?

There will be hits because there are only 10 concerts, but we’ll also mix in some new album tunes because fans enjoy the covers.

I’ll play the entire record during the ten shows.

This will be more private, low-key, and similar to how I began: just onstage with my band, interacting with the audience.

The talk show is moving to New York for the fall season of 2023.

I’m in a terrific position personally, and a new beginning for my small family and it seems so lovely.

Kelly Clarkson News, Since I like New York, now is the ideal moment for me.

Life is designed to work the way it does.

I’m quite grateful that NBC supported the relocation, and my God, we’re at 30 Rock.

Kelly Clarkson News divorce 1
Image Credit: kellyClarkson/Instagram

What type of cultural adjustments do you want to carry out covertly?

There was a lot going on, but I was unaware of it.

I’m always hopeful, so this provides us an opportunity to improve things.

I’m constantly striving to be a better person.

I’m now reading “The Good Ancestor.”

I’m constantly reading a book that my therapist says, “Can’t you read fiction?”

I know it’s bad when bad things happen, but I view it as a chance for us to grow and become better versions of ourselves. 

We are considering approaches to help people feel included in the group.

In school, I was that kid, and it was the worst feeling imaginable.

I see it as a chance for progress since that’s what the program is all about.

I’m a geek who also enjoys team-building activities.

Change is necessary, has already begun, and will continue to take place.

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