Laughable Chinese copies of Ducati Panigale & Streetfighter V4: Calling it a ‘copy’ is an oversell



China’s at it again. There’s a whole series of news headlines you can find on the Internet about car and bike rip-offs that rather very comfortably retail in China. They copy your motorcycle design, you could sue them but you’ll lose. We found more to keep you entertained. Meet Moxiao MX650 and MX500 – barefaced copies of the Ducati Panigale V4 and Streetfight V4.
Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why does Ducati’s legal team not take this up? Well, no one can be so daft that they’d purchase these thinking that they’re getting their hands on the real deal. It’s safe to say that Ducati won’t lose any sales to the MX boys.
The MX650 is, in fact, an updated version of a previous Panigale copy. It’s actually a more powerful version than before and we say this with utter sarcasm in our voices. In place of the previous 471cc engine (which was likely a copy of Honda CB500’s powerplant), it gets a new 650cc parallel-twin (which is likely a copy of Kawasaki ER-6n’s engine).


Continuing on that outspoken sarcasm, the MX650 packs 60 hp which is only a few horses less than the Panigale V4’s 211 hp. Plus, the Toy-Story Panigale is also heavier than the real one with a top speed of a blinding 118 km/h. But then, it has the wings to handle that speed.
It gets worse. The MX500 is based on the previous-generation Moxiao Panigale copy. It’s powered by the 471cc Honda-clone engine that makes 44 hp. It’s heavier than the real Streetfighter V4 whilst having a smaller engine and dimensions. There needs to be some raw talent to be able to pull that off.
We found something in the comments section of a website and we believe it deserves a mention. According to this comment, the MX twins have the good stuff. They have Föhlins suspension and Bumbo brakes.
The two try to copy the real ones’ shape and fail miserably but fancily. Just one look and you can tell what they’re trying to mimic. They will look like the Panigale V4 and the Streetfighter V4 to you if you’re a bat.


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