Madhu Chopra: Priyanka wanted to back out of the beauty pageant after she didn’t win anything in the smaller events | Hindi Movie News



Priyanka Chopra made the country proud when she brought home the prestigious title of Miss World in 2000. In an exclusive interaction with ETimes Lifestyle, Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra, shared the advice she had given to her when she enrolled in the pageant. Watch the entire interview below:

“Priyanka was very conscious about herself, her body, her skin tone and the fact that she had never modeled, never worn stilettos or sarees. So the real good advice I gave her was, ‘work on your assets, work on what you feel is your best, so nobody will see what you feel are your flaws’. Though there were no flaws at all. And I told her that don’t believe in body shaming of any kind, you are what you are. If you make it out there, then good, don’t be under pressure, just enjoy.”

Dr Madhu Chopra revealed that there was a point when Priyanka wanted to quit the pageant but she continued to support her daughter in every way. “After the smaller events finished and she didn’t win anything, she was very upset and cried. She said that she wanted to back out. I told her to just settle down and think that she has got this opportunity that so many other girls don’t get. I told her, ‘You are intelligent, smart, so just go out there and have fun. You don’t have to win anything’. So she went out there without any pressure, which worked. The confidence that she had was because she knew she was not failing us and she did good,” added Madhu Chopra.


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