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Bollywood actress Malaika Arora who walked the ramp for the prestigious Pune Time Fashion week, met with an accident while returning back to the city. Checkout this uncut and exclusive interview of her’s just a few hours before her accident. She spoke to ETimes after her showstopper experience at Pune Times Fashion Week. We asked her about her personal sense of style, her most stylish friend BEBO & so much more! Check it out. We at ETimes wish her good health and a speedy recovery.

When asked about how she looks at fashion and its evolution over the years, Malaika shared, “Back in the early days, there weren’t too many people to help us out or manoeuvre us and of course there wasn’t so much media attention. Now all of that has changed and I have become more aware of what looks good and what doesn’t look good”.

She further added, “When I was younger I was far more experimental and some of those experiments turned out terrible. I think I’ve realised that, especially over the years. I wouldn’t say I am kosher when it comes to fashion, I still like pushing the envelope, experimenting and doing things differently. But now I know what looks good and what doesn’t”.

Time and again, Malaika has been a trendsetter due to her noteworthy sartorial choices. Reflecting on that she shares, “Some will like it, some won’t. I can’t please everybody, I am not an avocado. If there’s something that you can put out there and people find it worth following and wanting to be part of, then I think I’ve done something right”.

Speaking about Bebo, Malaika agrees that she is one of the most stylish people around. “I genuinely think Bebo is one of the most stylish people around and she’s effortless. She doesn’t try too hard and according to me that really counts”.

The actress on a closing note shared her take on men’s fashion. “Men need to ditch the snug/tight fit trend. I don’t get that. Men just need to be cool and easy. That’s what I like”.


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