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MUMBAI: The Mumbai Cricket Association Apex Council’s decision to defer the association’s 85th Annual General Meeting, which was scheduled for Saturday, due to the forthcoming edition of the IPL in Mumbai and Pune, has landed in a huge controversy. Objecting to the move, a few senior members of the association, including former MCA president Ravi Savant, Ravi Mandrekar and Sripad Halbe have decided to go ahead with the AGM on Saturday, even as the MCA’s office-bearers maintained that the AGM has been postponed.
In a ‘notice’ (TOI has a copy) to all the 330-odd members of the association, former MCA president Ravi Savant has said that “the AGM will be held as scheduled on March 19.” “Dear Members, this is to inform you that the Apex Council of the association has no authority to postpone the scheduled 85th AGM to be held on 19th March, 2022 ‘indefinitely’. Therefore, the 85th AGM of MCA shall be held as scheduled on 19th March, 2022 at MCA Lounge, Wankhede Stadium, D Road Churchgate, Mumbai at 4:00 pm. You are requested to attend the same. With regards, Ravi Savant, ex-president, MCA, along with members of General Body,” Savant has written in his message.
In a communication to MCA secretary Sanjay Naik, Savant wrote: “Sir, please find the copy of the notice given by members of the General body for holding the 85th AGM on the scheduled date, i.e. 19 March, 2022 at 4pm at MCA Lounge, Wankhede. For your information, with regards.”
The notice for the AGM had already been sent, but the MCA’s Apex Council decided to postpone the meeting as the dates of the IPL, which will begin from March 26, came later.
Savant’s son Neil has also filed a complaint with MCA ombudsman-cum-ethics officer Vijaya Tahiliramani through a letter about the postponement of the AGM, On Thursday, the MCA’s office-bearers (president Vijay Patil, vice-president Amol Kale and both the secretaries Sanjay Naik and Shahalam Shaikh) sent a letter to all the secretaries of the clubs affiliated with the MCA in which they wrote: “This is in continuation to our letter dated 15th March, 2022 informing you about the postponement of 85th AGM of MCA.
The association has been given to understand that some members have received messages that the said AGM will be held on 19th March 2022, which is false and misleading. The association would like to confirm that the AGM is postponed and the Apex Council shall inform you about the revised date in due course which may please be noted.”


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