Newspaper Theme Activation Code | Envato Purchase Code license Key

Newspaper Theme Activation Code
Newspaper Theme Activation Code

Newspaper Theme isa gorgeousinformationtheme, created by tagDiv, Envato Power Elitecreator, Keeping the publishingtradeinthoughts.

Built todeal withmassivequantitiesof fabric, Newspaperincorporates adaringand stylishdesign withthe facilityof versatility.

In addition,devotedto professionalizingthe web site, the Newspaperneeds to bea template foreachinexperienced.


Newspaper theme activation code is nice tohelpcan behigher. But then ona beautifulwet day.

I made a decisionto createone otherstagingspaceon my Google Countinstance.

So Iput inUbuntu,readytherecords datato connect withthe server pilot,put init,and at lastadded thePhrasePress app.

  • I made a decisionto beginthe stagingspacewiththe most recentmodelof my newspapersubject.
  • I logged into Envato and downloaded the theme.
  • Here isthe methodto activate Newspaper Theme oryou possibly cansay bypass the theme activation of Newspaper Theme.
  • Thiscourse will work in Newspaper v8.5, 9.1, and v10!!

The theme activation messageseems to belike this:

Newspaper Theme Activation messageActivation message

Features of Newspaper Theme

One ofthe very bestissuesaboututilizingPhrasePress to make yourweb siteisthat you just’ll getentryto tons ofusefulplugins and themes.

Byputting inasubstitutetheme, you’ll change up yourweb site’s look andperformancethroughouta matter of minutes. However, it’svitalto selectthe rightone.

Features of Newspaper Theme

Newspaper is aPhrasePress themethat allows you towrite articles andweblogposts with ease. Weprovidenicehelpandpleasantassist!

How to Activate the Newspaper Theme :

  • Step 1– Install and activate the required plugins
  • Step 2 –Go to the Dashboardspace>Newspaper>Activate Theme.
  • Step 3 –Enter your Envato Purchase Codewithin therequiredspace.
  • Step 4 – Press the Activate Theme button.
welcome screen

Newspaper Theme Activation Code Free ForPhrasePress

You don’twantany Activation code to Activate Newspaper 9 and Newspaper 10+ Themes.

Earlierthere’s acompletely differenttechniqueto activate the Newspaper X theme.

Butlately,the thememodelhasup to dateand that bug wasmountedwithin theNew Newspaper 10model.

Newspaper 10 Theme activationcould be verysimple. Pleasecomply withthe steps:

To fix Newspaper X activation, you must change filetd_ajax.phpon/wp-content/themes/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster/td_ajax.php

Search for Code:

if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === true) {

(which should be located on line 926 in my case)

Change to the following:

if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === false) {

Click & Save the file. That’s it!


Newspaper 10+ theme activation

  1. Login with Admin panel and Click the Dashboard
  2. Click Newspaper ->Activate theme
  3. Scroll downand click onActivate the theme manually
  4. Envato Purchase Code:214fa22d5364c4031ec46d8f44d833a1
  5. tagDiv Activation code:214fa22d5364c4031ec46d8f44d833a1
  6. Click activate

Here you go, the theme activatedefficientlywith noneactivation code orbycode.

Please write to mewhen you haveanyquestions onactivating the Newspaper 10+modelthemewithoutthe activation code.

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