Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Mansions in 2023

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

2. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s Most Expensive Celebrity Mansions

Tom Brady has a pretty impressive record in the NFL; he’s one of only two players to win the Super Bowl five times and is the fourth all-time quarterback in passing yards.

On top of this, a single contract extension for the New England Patriots netted Brady a whopping 72 million dollars His estimated net worth is around $200 million.

Brady’s home is indeed rather impressive, but keep in mind that not just one, but two big superstars call this place home.

Gisele Bundchen, the wife of Tom Brady, is worth more than $300 million, bringing their combined net worth to over $500 million.

In total, that’s a lot of buying power. The power couple has multiple properties, including a massive solar panel adorned mansion with a moat in Los Angeles.

But especially during football season, their main residence is in Brookline, Massachusetts, about half an hour from the Patriots practice stadium. In 2014, they sold their 18,000-square-foot, 298 square-foot Brentwood estate to Dr. Dre for 40 million dollars.

The couple returned to the East Coast to custom design a new compound for 4.5 million for their Brookline home.

I’ll be about 4,000 square feet smaller than their Los Angeles abode, which is no downgrade; however, the mammoth Massachusetts mansion boasts five bedrooms, including a master suite with his and hers walk-in closets.

As busy parents Brady and Bündchen set up the nursery next to the staff quarters, the family known for following the strictest plant-based diet has a labyrinth for their chef, Alan Campbell, to make their gourmet meals.

The house also sports a wine storage facility in the sunroom and a library with a balcony overlooking the gym.

Most Expensive Celebrity Mansions

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