PM Modi left Chinese social media platform WEIBO

PM Modi left Chinese social media platform WEIBO

PM Modi left Chinese social media platform WEIBO

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left the Chinese social media Platform Weibo (WEIBO) in the wake of the ongoing deadlock on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh between India and China.

  • Such news is coming from sources.
  • It is being told that PM Modi’s photo and all the posts have been deleted from the account.
  • Recently, the Indian government has banned 59 apps from China due to security issues.

After this, many people raised questions on social media that,

what will happen to PM Modi’s account on Weibo?

Now these people have got the answer from PM Modi.

  • This is a major step taken by the Indian Prime Minister amidst the ongoing deadlock between India and China in Ladakh.
  • PM Modi created an account on Weibo a few years ago.
  • Now PM’s Weibo account seems empty.
  • Now there is neither a photo of PM Modi nor any post in it.
  • It is being told that all the posts in the account have been deleted.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the Modi government banned Tiktok (TIKTOK) Summet 59 Chinese app in view of security.

  • Actually, China does not seem to be retreating in Ladakh.
  • China has deployed a large number of its soldiers on LAC.
  • The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has deployed more than 20 thousand soldiers on its LAC near East Ladakh sector.
  • Military sources said that due to China’s obstinate attitude, ending the deadlock over LAC has become a complex process.

According to sources, 244000 people were connected to PM Modi’s Weibo account, including a large number of Chinese people.

The Indian government has now made its intentions clear.

Here, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that India will not allow Chinese companies to participate in the country’s highway projects.

He said that Chinese companies would not be allowed to do the same through joint ventures.

PM Modi was associated with Weibo before his visit to China

PM Modi joined Weibo before his first official visit to China in May 2015.

  • He also posted on the account to talk about yoga and to wish Chinese President Xi Jinping on his birthday.
  • In a way, it would not be wrong if PM Modi was connected to the Chinese public through the Weibo app.

Now with the leaving of Weibo by PM Modi, India’s intentions are clear in front of Chinese people and President.