Rakhi Sawant: Had to become a blabbermouth to get noticed in the film industry in the beginning | Hindi Movie News



“It’s hard for a girl like me to get noticed,” shares Rakhi Sawant when asked about her journey in showbiz. Rakhi has been around in the industry for almost 2 decades now, yet one thing that has remained constant in her life is the struggles and challenges she faces daily.

During an exclusive live session with ETimes, she shared, “My dream hasn’t been fulfilled yet here. I want to do a character that resonates with my sensibilities. I’ve been offered projects in the past, where my role is glamorous – be it showing your cleavage or stomach. I really want to take up non-glamour parts and projects. I really hope I get noticed that way”.

On the other hand, Rakhi recently made headlines after her appearance on the red carpet at an awards function. She made a brief and memorable red carpet appearance with Ranveer Singh. The entertainers of the industry not only exchanged energetic pleasantries but also shook legs on ‘Tatad Tatad’.


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