Sona Comstar partners with Enedym Inc to produce magnet-less EV Motors



Automotive technology company, Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd (Sona Comstar) has announced forming a partnership with Enedym Inc of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – a technology company that develops Switched Reluctance Motors (SRMs), electric propulsion, and electrified powertrains.
Under the agreement, both the companies will develop SRM drive platforms for Indian road and usage conditions targeting 3-wheeler electric vehicles and 2-wheeler high-performance motorcycles having 10kW or more power and 4-wheeler cargo delivery electric vehicles having 20kW or more power.
Moreover, Enedym will license its SRM technologies to Sona Comstar for manufacturing the drive motors, controllers, and drivetrains for the target applications exclusively in India. The serial production of these systems is likely to commence in 2023.
Enedym claims that it has developed novel families of SRMs with improved efficiencies, power density, and performance for varied applications. By taking the permanent magnets out, Enedym’s SRMs have the potential to reduce the cost of propulsion motors significantly.
Electric three-wheelers are leading the transition to EVs in India, as the segment achieved over 14% share in the overall three-wheelers sales in FY21. The catalyst of this fast adoption is the expansion in the supply chain infrastructure by eCommerce and logistic providers, coupled with growth in eCommerce and consumer demand.
The shift towards sustainable mobility will continue in the first- and the last-mile, given lower operating costs and growth in eCommerce, thus creating a potentially large market for electric drivetrains.
Commenting on the partnership, Kiran M Deshmukh, Group CTO of Sona Comstar said, “The Enedym’s novel switched reluctance motors with advanced acoustic noise control will help us offer high-efficiency and high-performance magnet-less motors to our discerning customers.”
Dr Ali Emadi, Founder, President, and CEO of Enedym commented, “This collaboration will effectively bridge the gap between supplying next-generation SRM motor technologies by Enedym, which require no rare earth metals, reduce cost significantly through advanced digitization, and achieve class leading performance, with a trusted and highly capable partner.”


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