Sunny Leone slams those questioning her parenting skills, says ‘It hurt Daniel’s feelings, but both of us can’t be sad’ | Hindi Movie News



Bollywood diva Sunny Leone is a hands-on mother of three kids, Asher, Noah and Nisha. She is often seen sharing happy pictures with her family on social media. While she doesn’t mind her kids getting all the attention on the internet, it’s the online trolls that bother her, especially those who question her parenting skills.

In the lastest, the actress had dropped a picture where Sunny and her husband Daniel Webber were not holding their adopted daughter Nisha’s hand. This led to netizens slamming the actress in the comments.

Reacting to the incident, the actress told a news portal that she doesn’t read negative comments on social media. It’s her husband, Daniel who keeps a track of everything and hence such negativity hurt his feelings.

“I was hurt too, but both of us can’t be sad. I had to tell him ‘you know what, these people don’t know you, or us, what we do for our kids’” she told Hindustan Times. She went on to add that they have certain standards set.

Sunny also said that the trolls don’t cook their cook or clean or play with the kids or help them to run a house and hence there’s not just one photo that can dictate their parenting.

She further tackled the situation by citing examples of Hollywood celebs who are also attacked by trolls for their parenting style while talking to Daniel who is extremely sensitive about Nisha. Asserting that one cannot simply judge them on one picture, she said that Nisha is Daniel’s little girl. “Nobody can come near Nisha or say anything bad about her without Daniel becoming very upset and protective,” she signed off.

On the work front, Sunny Leone recently made her OTT debut with MY Player’s ‘Anamika’.


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