High-Performance Supercomputer Offered at Significant Discount in Auction

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The powerful government supercomputer was humanized at a stealth discount during the auction.

If you have been considering the purchase of a new supercomputer and do not want to miss a great opportunity, now might be a great time to make your purchase.

Today, the present US government, through the GSA Auction, makes public the Cheyenne Supercomputer to the highest bidder with three more days left.

This one is untested by us, but we assume its 145,152 CPU cores will win our current laptop’s top pick. Besides, you will not have to upgrade the memory system now, for the memory bank is already full and sits at around 313,344 GB, and the storage capacity is up to about 36 petabytes.

No more file deletions to make room for freshly downloaded games or other media.

Cheyenne Supercomputer

Current Offer Price: $28,000   $10,000,000    Save $9,972,000

Bid Closing Time:

03/05/2024, 06:11 PM CT

Ars Technica too was monitoring the process, and this was only just bone-dry information because it followed the fibre optics and CAT5/CAT6 cabling. The exact amount of money that the government has spent to procure the supercomputer is still unknown.

However, one can’t imagine that it might have been extremely high compared to other supercomputers; most budgets are also in millions of shillings. In March, the last bid was $28,085. The winning bid is still waiting for the bid threshold to be resolved. It runs till the end of the week with no funds raised and no cheap talk about owning now.

The source or cause of such a deep discount, approaching less than 1/10 of the original cost price, is revealed to be cracked quick disconnects, and that 1% of nodes failed to cooperate.

Another fact worth noticing: the delivery total is not the total price. Besides, the statement

"As GSA auctions define on this page, the mover should be a failed mover company, as stated by the purchaser who will conduct the cargo transfer from the complex onto the trucks.".

There may be some devices that do cost-cutting, but let’s take an instance where not even 0.01% of that machine’s authority and performance are compromised by reducing its cost. In a way, the Cheyenne is designed to spend even less energy for each job it completes compared to Yellowstone, its previous supercomputer, and its total energy consumption will be close to 25% smaller.

Supercomputer Prove to Research

The supercomputer may prove to researchers the way hurricanes can drastically intensify, and, at the same time, it could also display the effect of wildfires in poisoning the atmosphere and others.

It could also, due to the observation, build models that could forecast pollution and climate change around 100 years in the future.

On the strict requirement side, it should probably be more than enough for you in terms of the processing power that you will need to cope with the most difficult tasks, but it should handle the lighter ones, such as the regular daily tasks, as well.

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Where is the IBM supercomputer called Cheyenne located?

NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center

Location:Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
Purpose:Provides high-performance computing resources for earth system science research.
Operations Start:October 2012

The IBM company owns a table computer called Cheyenne, located at the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

There were cooperative efforts between the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), the University of Wyoming, and other state and local partners to build the centre with a total area of 153,000 square feet.

Cheyenne is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, with operating speeds of up to 5.34 petaflops.

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