Taylor Swift Fans Left Stunned After Listening to 40 Songs in Four Hours, Forgetting Everything Upon Arrival Home

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Suddenly, Taylor Swift most loyal fans have collected on social media to tell a very strange story. Some of them said they woke up the following morning, and the last thing they remembered was attending her concert and they suffered from reverse blindness.

This incredible statement has struck great doubt while making many people wonder if something like this can happen.

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Taylor Swift Fans Left Stunned After Listening to 40 Songs

For example, you are staking in the rain to watch the live performance of your favourite singer. You have invested so much money to watch that show. You can stand and dance for hours, enjoying the beautiful songs of your favourite artist and, at the same time, watching him.

But I will arrive home and not recall a thing?

All of a sudden, you appear to forget what you did in those 3–4 hours. You are surprised, right? I can’t believe it, right? But this is happening, too with Taylor Swift’s fans. Taylor Swift’s fans are advanced enough from what can be referred to as post-concert blindness.

That is, they are allowing their minds to be blank, to forget all that they had known. They do not recall witnessing the concert and the events that took place at the event. This is shocking.

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As reported by BBC, psychologists have credited this to emotion and time as the primary causes as to why this is the case. The fans of Taylor Swift are at the moment continuing to regret the fact that they have no recollection of the singer’s Eras tour.

For the past few days, they have been responding to this service on social media and sharing their stories. They feel like Taylor Swift’s tour was only a dream.

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The disease can be dangerous

It is also understood that if you begin to forget things and cannot remember anything, blem might be blindness.

Dr. Michelle Phillips, Senior Lecturer of Music Psychology at the Royal Northern College of Music, declares that post-concert blindness is less dark than it sounds. Sometimes fans may not have any recollection that they attended a concert in the first place.

Is this the reason behind post-concert amnesia?

Dr. Phillips responded people recall being part of a music concert or something as far as those are concerned for life. People who are fans never forget things like these. The only issue is that they recall only some aspects of that event, otherwise not the rest.

Some years back, musicians and their musical instruments, their microphones were the only objects that control the stage in a music concert. The trend has shifted. Now in concerts, along with the singing/display of the artist, there is an amazing lighting effect.

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Meanwhile, the artist gets to take off and wear different dresses several times.

Quite a number of them are used as stays. Some shows are very bright with lighting and have fireworks during the event. These things could in some, influence, me. But for now, Taylor Swift fans are wondering why is this happening to her.

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