Taylor Swift Stands Up for Lady Gaga Against disturbing Pregnancy Rumors

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Lady Gaga, who recently posted a TikTok video where she denied pregnancy rumours, is an example Taylor Swift recently campaigned for.

The rumours were further put to rest by the singer herself when she posted, “Can we all agree that it is unwanted and irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body and shame her for her decisions? Gaga does not owe anyone an explanation and neither does any woman.”

Taylor Swift Speaks Out in Support of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga got support from Taylor Swift

According to The Hollywood Reporter, on Monday, Gaga addressed the rumours on TikTok while subtly referencing Swift’s song Down Bad from the new record.

She shared the 10-second video with the “I am the elegant” audio, which reads, “I do not have to locate someone elegantly. I am elegant. I mean, I am sure there’s somebody out here right now who is going into Pinterest trying to type up all these adjectives to describe me.”

Over the clip, Gaga wrote, “Not pregnant – just down bad crying at the gym,” referencing Swift’s song “Down Bad” from The Abuse Poets Department.

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This was the case in April when Gaga was seen trying what appeared to be a large diamond ring on her left ring finger during an outing, which led fans to believe she and her boyfriend Michael Polansky had gotten engaged.

Taylor Swift Speaks Out in Support of Lady Gaga

Gaga was previously in a relationship with talent agent Christian Carino. The two got engaged in February 2017 and called off their engagement in February 2019. Before this, she was in a relationship with Taylor Kinney for about four years before she engaged with him in February 2015. After one year of their stormy relationship, the two broke up.

In May, during a Q&A at the LA premiere of Gaga Chromatica Ball, an HBO concert special, Gaga said that she has been writing music. ‘I am in the studio every single day now and I have written so many songs and been producing so many songs, and it is nothing like anything that I have ever made before,’ she said. People said: ‘I love to break class, and I love to explore music.’

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Taylor Swift Speaks Out in Support of Lady Gaga

Taylor Swift recently protected Lady Gaga by denying baseless rumours making rounds over the ‘Bad Romance’ singer’s pregnancy online.

Sabrina Swift reacted to this video saying, ‘Can we all agree that it is unwanted and irresponsible to comment on the woman’s body? Gaga does not owe anybody an explanation and neither does any woman’

This move also stresses Taylor Swift’s support of Gaga and her effort against body shaming or disgusting opinions about women’s bodies.

How did fans react to Taylor Swift’s comment on Lady Gaga’s post

While commenting on Lady Gaga’s post, Taylor Swift received a positive response from her fans. Most of its lovers cheer Swift for coming to the defence of Lady Gaga over dirty comments about her body.

Some fans wrote comments as, “Very well said, Taylor. You are a true combination of women everywhere. “ Some of the fans only wrote as, “Gaga and Taylor OMG. “ This comment got more than 290k likes.

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