How much are tickets for the National Space Centre

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Space Adventures at the National Space Centre…get all set. If you have ever imagined the universe, then here is your place.

In this guide, we will see the ticket prices, the exhibition and the attractions that are waiting for you in the National Space Centre. Prepare yourselves to embark on a voyage through the heavens and the tumultuous tides.

the national space centre

The National Space Centre

In the very the national space centre of Leicester, England, is the National Space Centre, which has become a focal point of inspiration for those who want to explore space with passion and curiosity.

Such a state-of-the-art site welcomes visitors from various backgrounds to explore the endless body of space travel through its exciting exhibits and presentations.

Through the National Space Centre, the universe is not only viewed from a window but also with compassion and love for the scientific discoveries and technology that take us away from the planet Earth.

Regardless of where you are in your astronaut career or your passion for star watching, this destination is the one for you for a one-of-a-kind experience that also brings together humanity and the ultimate frontier.

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Planning Your Visit: Ticket Prices Expose

We must take into account the investment for this once-in-a-lifetime experience while you are preparing and getting ready for your trip to the National Space Centre.

Ticketing options have been carefully selected with various groups in mind ranging from adults, children, families and the elderly, making certain that there is something wholesome and interesting for everyone to experience.

We would nevertheless call on you to go to the National Space Centre website for the best and most up-to-date pricing information.

Website Address:

In addition, you may find out outstanding special offers or prices that are convenient in the course of your trip. Take this leap of faith, go ahead with a day of wonder, and make use of the different ticket options you have to journey around the universe.

ADULT (16+)



CHILD (5-16)*







Pay and Display

£4 (09:00-17:00)
*** Adult attendance is recommended.

Over 65 NUS can use their photo card or UniDays together with another photo ID, besides disabled people.
Finally, if you prefer to be accompanied by a Personal assistant or caregiver at the cinema and need to access the Centre, you can get free entry for them by using the booking form when booking your disabled concession ticket. The documentation of DLA or PIP must be provided by the client during the time of ticket collection. Note: Free caregiver tickets cannot be added to adult, child, or under-5 tickets.
Under 5—up to 4 years and 11 months and 28 days.
Child: a boy or a girl who is 5–15 years old.
Adult: age 16 and above.

Exhibitions and Attractions: A Glimpse into the Cosmos

Jump into the world of wonder at the National Space Centre where the display and the attractions themselves form a large entry. The Rocket Tower, the tower is more than a shining structure, its history details space exploration followed by the Sir Patrick Moore observatory which provides a live observatory that narrates the creation in stunning clarity.

Interact with inviting screens that bring the actual science of space exploration into reality, as you can feel like you are holding a piece of the moon or are the one moving towards the stars.

All four corners of the science centre are aimed at the National Space Centre to educate and inspire, from real spacecraft that have gone forward to the unknown to interactive exhibits that run through your understanding of every aspect of the universe.

It is a destination where the far outer limit of space seems to have come closer than ever before, inviting you to walk in the footsteps of astronauts and scientists at the same time.

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Making the Most of Your Visit: Tips and Tricks

The best approach to getting the most value out of the NASA Space Center is to come up with a plan for your visit.

  • An early start will reward us with peaceful wandering until the crowds gather and will give us an additional chance to engage with the exhibits on a more personal level.
  • The best way to proceed is to dress comfortably so that you can explore the endless exhibitions regularly, leaving room to look at all the wonders and not just the miles to be walked.
  • Furthermore, the camera should be a necessity as, as you slide through absolutely fantastic experiences of the universe, you might collect greatly interesting and refreshing images through which you will remember your journey to the limitlessness of the creation skies.

Beyond the Visit: Continuing Your Space Exploration

One cannot say that the completion of your tour of the National Space Centre implies the end of your confirmation of the plan of the universe, but rather it marks the initiation into a large search for its amazing wonders.

Take this tour of the creation to another level, where you can join in the variety of educational programs, workshops, and events that we hold throughout the year.

These programs are to give you the opportunity to solve the problem of space riddles and make it enchanting to take it in your mind even at home. Make sure to be in the know of the latest news by becoming a member of the National Space Centre newsletter subscription list. Also, follow them on their social media platforms.

The educational space in the mass has a long-lasting and perpetual effect on you. This enables your connection to the galaxy and the deep mysteries to continue growing. This enriches your knowledge and passion for discoveries, thereby lasting forever.

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National Space Centre photos

The National Space Centre Leicester

The UK National Space Centre Leicester orbits above during space exploration and education as a wonderful learning environment.

It has some romantic mood-creating exhibits, e.g., a rocket tower and a mass, that take the visitors on an amazing journey around the universe. Young and old never get put there.

The centre shall provide support for inspiration and understanding of space; thus, it shall become the only place that each of us interested in the mystery of space may visit.


Discover outer space in the familiar environment at the National Space Centre in Leicester, where the secrets of the universe are revealed.

Work your way through a host of exhibits with various ticket options, opening up the space for everyone who wishes to walk in and lose themselves in the bottomless sky, touch the wonders of space, and look at the stars in the mass.

Plan the time of your visit, be absorbed into the universe, and tap into further space discovery opportunities beyond the Centre after visiting. The National Space Centre is a unique attraction that is guaranteed to trigger your curiosity and will help you enjoy and understand the wonders of the universe.

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