This Gold ETF Has Given 64.28% Returns In Last 2 Years, Should You Invest?


Why should You Invest In Gold ETFs?

Gold ETFs are a good choice for investors that need a lot of liquidity and have a short time horizon. They are great for investors who cannot commit to keeping for an extended period of time due to current financial obligations because they can be sold on the exchange at any time. Over the years, many Gold ETFs have shown promising returns. It is beneficial to invest in order to beat inflation.

Invesco India Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Invesco India Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

This is a Commodities mutual fund (ETF) scheme – particularly gold commodity – from Invesco Mutual Fund launched on 12 March 2010. It is an open-ended fund. This fund has an AUM of Rs 90.76 Crores and the latest NAV declared on 22 April 2022 is Rs 4743.2279. The expense ratio of the fund is 0.55%, which is higher than its category average expense ratio.

This fund is a moderate-high risky fund. The domestic price of Gold is the fund’s benchmark. The minimum investment amount required for this fund is Rs 5000 and the minimum additional investment is Rs 0. This fund doesn’t attract any Exit Load. 

Absolute And Annualised Returns

Absolute And Annualised Returns

Investment Period Absolute Returns Annualised Returns
1 Year 10.35% 10.35%
2 Year 9.75% 4.76%
3 Year 64.28% 17.98%
5 Year 71.19% 11.34%
10 Year 67.97% 5.32%
Since Inception 181.36% 8.91%

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