This Rural And Consumption-Based Fund Has Given Up To 73.11% Returns In 2 Years



Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund - Direct Plan-Growth

Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund – Direct Plan-Growth

As mentioned, this is a thematic mutual fund themed on rural and consumption. The fund was launched by the Sundaram Mutual Fund. The fund’s Direct Plan-Growth scheme has an AUM of Rs 1144.26 Crore. The NAV declared on 11th April 2022 is Rs 61.3284. The expense ratio of this fund is 1.28% higher, compared to its category average. 

Further, this is an open-ended thematic fund. It is a medium-sized fund f its category. This fund is highly risky and doesn’t guarantee returns. However, it aims to generate returns by investing in equity and equity-related instruments engaged in rules and consumption businesses. The fund’s benchmark is NIFTY India Consumption TRI. For investment in this fund, the amount required is Rs 100. and for SIP it is also Rs 100. 

Absolute And Annualised Returns

Absolute And Annualised Returns

Lump-Sum Investment Returns

Since its launch, this fund has delivered 14.51% average annual returns. 

SIP Returns Absolute Returns Annualised Returns
1 Year 16.70% 16.60%
2 Year 73.11% 31.47%
3 Year 41.75% 12.32%
5 Year 60.94% 9.98%
Since Inception 251.40% 14.51%

SIP Returns

SIP Period Absolute Returns Annualised Returns
1 Year 4.73% 8.87%
2 Year 23.43% 21.69%
3 Year 30.34% 17.99%
5 Year 36.23% 12.32%



The fund has 96.59 per cent of its assets invested in Indian stocks, with 54.76 per cent in large-cap stocks, 27.65 per cent in mid-cap equities, and 4.45 per cent in small-cap stocks.

The majority of the fund’s assets are invested in the Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary, Financial, Services, and Materials sectors. When compared to other funds in the category, it has acquired less exposure in the Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary sectors.

Titan Company Ltd., Hindustan Unilever Ltd., Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., ICICI Bank Ltd., and Varun Beverages Ltd. are the fund’s top holdings.


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