AI Enters US Space Force SDA TAP Lab Apollo Accelerator

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AI, which provides efficient and scalable AI inference platforms, has been chosen as part of the US Space Force SDA TAP Lab Apollo Accelerator program in Colorado Springs.

AI, having been awarded the SpaceWERX Orbital Prime twice, is at the forefront of the advancement in technology, which is increasingly focused on improving the security and efficiency of the systems used in space and defence for the benefit of the United States, its partners, and commercial partners.

US Space Force

US Space Force

The SDA TAP Lab is dedicated to making space leadership missions possible and accomplished by quickly employing new innovations in missions. The lab identifies requirements with space operators, aligns these requirements with emerging technologies, and quickly transitions these capabilities onto US Space Force assets currently in operation.

The program works with a range of stakeholders in order to be able to provide real solutions that can be implemented in short order, thereby building up the protection of space resources.

It is with great pleasure that we are now introducing Cohort 3 of the Apollo Accelerator program,” said Major Sean Allen, Chief of the SDA TAP Lab.

Small businesses have been helped by artificial intelligence to penetrate the SDA market due to technologies that reduce the complexity of machine learning operations artificial intelligence great boon to tapping the small but valuable set of talents to safeguard space assets from threats.

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AI Role and Contribution

AI is a state-of-the-art AI and machine learning system, which is aimed at the deployment of AI and management/maintenance of AI models in space and other harsh environments.

This capability is crucial to reach the SDA TAP Lab’s objectives of predicting, detecting, tracking, identifying, warning, characterizing, and attributing threats against space systems, with the help of automation.

Cohort 3 of the Apollo Accelerator, is now a part of the program. Specifically, AI will take advantage of its well-developed AI framework to create solutions to applications relating to SDA.

Currently, AI’s technology is perfectly positioned to address the requirements that space domain awareness is facing; it is our privilege to be partners with the SDA, to cooperate with industry players and academic institutions with the singular goal of protecting space assets,” noted Vid Jain, the CEO of artificial intelligence. We are honoured and thrilled to be members of the SDA TAP Lab Apollo Accelerator program. “

The participation of. In the AI accelerator program, AI underlines the key role of Artificial Intelligence in defence and space industries. Thus, the SDA TAP Lab’s approach to embedding new capabilities and getting to the operational phase quickly means the United States and like-minded partners can stay ahead in space.

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