According to the US Supreme Court, Roe v Wade was overturned on Friday.

Millions of women in America will be affected by the decision condemned by Biden.

In a 6-3 decision, the Mississippi Supreme Court upheld a Republican-backed abortion law.

He would have upheld the Mississippi law without overturning Roe, according to a conservative Chief Justice.

Mississippi is among 13 states with so-called trigger laws banning abortions when Roe is overturned.

A conservative Justice Samito said Roe allowed abortion before the fetus was viable outside the womb.

Abortion remains legal in many states, so many Americans can travel or buy abortion pills online.

A state cannot punish individuals who have already had an abortion retroactively, according to Kavanaugh.

Mr Biden criticized the ruling as "extreme and dangerous."

Human rights, including reproductive rights, are one of the UN Women's rights.

The number of abortions in the US increased by 8 percent in 2020, reversing a 30-year decline.

The statement states that women must be able to access information, education, and services.

When safe and legal abortion is restricted, marginalized women are forced to resort to less-safe methods.

“Putting health and safety at risk”

Australian Company announced it would reimburse US employees in states where abortion is limited or banned.