Depp v Heard: Amber experienced histrionic and borderline personality disorders

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April 28 2022

Golden Heard experienced "histrionic and borderline personality disorders"

"Terrible overstated side effects of PTSD" as per a clinical and criminological therapist

Who surveyed her psychological state following her split from Johnny Depp.

Specialist Shannon Curry told the court she had initially been drawn nearer by Depp's legitimate group.

To assist with finding out whether there was proof of "close accomplice brutality"

Inside the couple's relationship, however, was subsequently approached to finish "a mental examination" of the entertainer.

She said the marginal behavioral condition was a prescient variable in ladies who execute savagery against their accomplice,

Adding that "one strategy is truly attacking and afterward getting injured themselves...

...Then, at that point, utilizing the overall set of laws... for instance, utilizing a limiting request".

It is commonly realized that Heard documented a brief limited request against Johnny Depp in May 2016.

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