This is how April Fools' Day started  and some of the brand pranks


By Devesh Tyagi

April 01 2022

How Did April Fools' Day Originate?

The tradition of making April 1 has been observed in different cultures for centuries, but the real origin of April Fool's Day is still unknown.

The practice of celebrating April Fool's Day has been going on for centuries.

Even before April Fool's Day arrives, people are already spreading pranks.

Not all April Fools stunts work. Last year, Volkswagen created a news nightmare with its alleged brand name change.

Big brands can be in the news when they make a joke that's laudable but not embarrassing

Since big brands' embrace of April Fools' Day returned last year – after 2020's year in hibernation due to the COVID shutdown

April Fools' Day that the company would be changing its name in the U.S. to "Voltswagen"

How did April Fools' Day start?

historical reference comes in a Flemish poem from 1561 in which a nobleman sends his servant on "fool's errands" on April 1, according to a history of the holiday

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