Bella-Rae Birch:- Dog that killed toddler was legal American Bully XL


By Devesh Tyagi

March 26 2022

Police confirmed that a small child beaten in his own house was killed by the American dog Bully XL 

Bella-Ree Birch, 17 months old, died at the hospital after an attack in ST helens on Monday at 15:50 GMT

Police in Merseyside said the child was attacked just a week after his family bought the Dog

Tests revealed that the dog was a legal breed and, in addition to strength 

was not subject to the ban under the Dangerous Dogs Act, of 1991.

Currently, four dog breeds are banned in the United Kingdom - pit bull terrier, Japanese tosa, Great Dane and Brasileiro. 

The attack took place in a family home on Bidston Avenue in the Blackbrook area of St Helens

A neighbour said the child's parents were "hysterical"

We left school and heard screams. I just ran to try to help and started CPR until the paramedics took over, he said 

I didn't see the dog, I just focused on helping the baby.

Detectives said the force was continuing to investigate the child's death and called on anyone with the information to report

In a statement after her death, the Bella-Rae family said they "want to thank the community for their support"

"We ask that we now have some space and time to try to cope with the terrible loss of our beloved Bella-Rae," she added.

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