There was an investigation by former President Bill Clinton into whether or not Area 51 houses aliens.

He wanted to know more about the secretive military base in Nevada, according to many conspiracy theories.

According to the New York Post, Clinton sent people to Area 51 to ensure there were no aliens.

Invisibility research, like how we fly planes that don't catch radar, is so secretive, but there are no aliens I know, Clinton explained.

You can watch the full interview below and see Clinton's efforts to find out everything about Roswell.

Although I don't think there are aliens in Area 51, I appreciate that Bill Clinton spent time making sure they weren't.

If I were elected president tomorrow, I would immediately ask about aliens and other hotly debated topics. Will my staff get annoyed?

Clinton also felt the same way while in the White House if aliens exist out there.

In the comments below, let us know what you think about aliens and UFOs despite the fact that he wasn't able to find any.