After being hospitalized, Bret Michaels was forced to cancel his stadium tour.  

Several US reports indicate that the rocker was part of a concert with his band on Thursday when he was checked in.

As Bret was ill, his bandmates informed the crowd that they would not be performing at Nissan Stadium.

Due to his lifelong condition, the 59-year-old may have had a bad reaction to Covid-19 medication.

The lump or bone sticking out is the result of his skin cancer diagnosis and shoulder surgery.

In 2010, Bret suffered from a number of health issues, but despite hard work and therapy, he is still doing well.

Since Covid postponed their North American tour from 2020, and later in 2021, fans have been waiting patiently.

In May 2021, it was announced on Facebook that "To all of our loyal fans, we learned today that the tour will move to 2022."