Britney Spear's fiancé Sam Asghari wants  their baby's gender to be a wraped  surprise.

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April 30 2022

He said ‘It's something that I want to wait for'.

The model Sam Asghari has opened up about being a dad.

He is hoping they are able to keep the child's sex under wraps until the birth.

Sam said 'If it's a daughter, it's going to be the most spoiled princess ever.

Sam revealed If it's a son, it's gonna be the toughest son. I'm gonna be tough on the kid.'.

Sam revealed he 'absolutely' wants to be 'hands-on as much as possible.'

Sam added: 'This is my baby, my first baby.'

Britney already confirmed the pregnancy news earlier in April in a post on Instagram.

The news Britney was expecting came just months after Britney was released from a conservatorship.

The conservatorship which controlled her life and money for more than a decade.

During her fight for freedom, she claimed her conservators had denied her the chance to have another baby again.

She stated she was forcing to have a contraceptive implant.

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