Brad Marchand, Charlie McAvoy, Matt Grzelcyk, and Patrice Bergeron have all been sidelined by injuries.

Bruce Cassidy was relieved of his head coaching duties yesterday, making things even messier.

It just adds to the laundry list of items the B's have to deal with this offseason.

Boston has been a consistent playoff team under Cassidy, but he has failed to lead the team to a championship.

In the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals they lost to the St. Louis Blues.

Bruins have fought to remain competitive throughout Cassidy's tenure, and in 2019 it seemed to pay off.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have outclassed them (usually), resulting in the dissolution of their veteran core.

Boston is essentially blaming all its problems on Cassidy by firing him, which is unfair.

The real culprit is Don Sweeney, not Cassidy. Sweeney should have been fired instead of Cassidy.

The Boston Bruins are only making matters worse by keeping Sweeney.

Firing Cassidy is the wrong move since Cassidy is incapable of building a good team.

Firing Cassidy is not the right move since he still has a job.