Theo, now 15, is Bryce Dallas Howard's first child. She was 25 when she found out she was pregnant.

She had been married to Seth Gabel for seven days at the time, and she relished carrying their firstborn.

The Jurassic Park: Dominion actress later discussed how she battled postpartum depression after he was born.

Originally described as a "nightmare," or "black hole," later admitted it made her cringe.

Mom-of-two - she also has a daughter, Beatrice, 10 - said before Theo was born, she felt nothing.

Everyone cooed over her newborn, but Bryce said, "I had no impression of my own."

Once she returned home from the hospital, things worsened, especially when she was left alone.

Bryce confessed to pretending for those around him, including his son.

She was mortified by her 80-pound weight gain before Theo was born.

Bryce's struggle was long and hard, but it's important to talk about it.

She wrote, "Postpartum depression is hard to explain. The way your body, mind, and spirit fall apart after a happy time.".

I wish I had never experienced postpartum depression, but to deny it is to deny who I am.

Still mourning what could have been, I'm immensely grateful to those who stood by me.