Before Real Madrid and Liverpool's game, 25-year-old singer is headlining the opening ceremony.

Camila will watch her first-ever game at the Stade de France in Paris on Saturday (05.28.22).

Fifth Harmony member Camila shared: "A couple of hours ago"

I was nervous, but now I'm really excited. Because all of Europe is watching, I love being here.

The joy and intensity and passion of soccer fans is something that I love.

Seeing this is something I've always wanted to do, not just because I'm here.

I root for Mexico whenever they play because my dad is Mexican and I am Latin..

"I like soccer. I've always wanted to go to a game. I can only watch it, 

...but I understand everything that goes on, and my family can really enjoy it."

Despite being a non-soccer fan, I enjoy watching it. 

...Though I haven't been able to attend games, I'm looking forward to it.

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