The San Francisco 49ers have said they are looking  to retain long-time wide receiver, Deebo Samuel.

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April 21 2022

Samuel informs ESPN's Jeff Darlington that he has asked the 49ers to trade him. Samuel declined to give specific reasons for asking.

Samuel has removed all mention of the 49ers from his Instagram account, unfollowed the group, and removed most of the photos in the group.

When the Niners opened their off-season conditioning program on Tuesday, Samuel didn't attend,

When Samuel demands curry when wages are skyrocketing. The Las Vegas Raiders offered DeVante Adams $28.5 million per period for him,

San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan, along with John Lynch, have stated that they intend to retain Samuel with the group in the future.

"As I've said for a long time, those individuals will be with us for a long, long time," Lynch said.

"However we require to figure it out," Shanahan claimed.

After the 49ers went to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC National Championship, Samuel was asked.

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