Odell Beckham Jr. was treating the last day of  April as if it was the first day of April,  tweeted as a joke.

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May 02 2022

He tweeted that 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel was being traded to the Patriots.

The truth was  that nothing is happening.

49ers G.M. John Lynch was asked by reporters on Saturday.

Is there were any more phone calls from other teams about Samuel and whether anything has changed.

49ers G.M. John Lynch said. “Nothing’s changed.”

The 49ers made it clear that they want things to settle down.

The true issue between player and team officially begins a mystery.

Kyle Shanahan the 49ers coach seemed to blurt out on Friday night that a contractual impasse is at the core of the situation.

The other teams can still try to trade for Samuel.

The offers made to him so far haven’t been great.

The 49ers managed to get through the draft without trading Samuel.

the 49ers now try to persuade Deebo to change his tune.

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