hit-and-run driver Polevich pleaded guilty  Friday in a suburban New York crash.

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May 08 2022

This crash killed the father of Nicki Minaj and was promised a year or less in jail.

It is very disappointing for prosecutors and the hip-hop star’s mother.

In Nassau County state court, businessman Charles Polevich admitted leaving the accident of February 2021.

The accident fatally injured Maraj as he walked along a road in Mineola.

Charles Polevich initially got out of his car and looked at the injured man on the ground.

but then he drove off, didn’t call 911, garaged his car, and covered it with a tarp.

Polevich pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence by concealing the car.

Robert  Maraj, 64, was taken to a local hospital in critical condition and pronounced dead the next day.

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