Duke basketball faced down the  end of Coach K's career

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By Devesh Tyagi

March 21 2022

Mike Krzyzewski looks at the five players who refused to finish their last dance

Who made a fine comeback to advance to Sweet 16 with an 85–76 win over Michigan State

Farewell journey on which he can relive some of his classic moments 

The finality of Krzyzewski's run hangs like a cloud over what Duke has done this season

Another "last few" for Krzyzewski, said Wendell Moore Jr., but always with the knowledge that more "lasts" await.

Marcus Bingham Jr. pulled out a pair of free throws to give Michigan State a five-point lead with 5:10

Paolo Banchero angrily spoke as Bingham lined up for his first free throw.

Mark Williams was stunned. when trevor keels hung his head

Duke always fought to defend the lead

Lowered the load in the regular season finale against ACC Tournament vs. Virginia Tech

Krzyzewski vs. Tom Izzo Was No Doubt The NCAA Dream Matchup When It Put Duke And Michigan State In The Same Field

'I wondered if we were going to stay young,' Coach K said of his team's resolve in the closing minutes.

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