Did Elizabeth Holmes' coming- door  neighbor really take her down?

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By Devesh Tyagi

April 08 2022

In the final scene of"The Dropout" (all eight occurrences now streaming on Hulu),

Image Credit: The New York Times

..disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) was left screaming in a parking lot, staying for an Uber.

Image Credit: Fortune

Moments ahead, Holmes fled the recently shuttered office of her biotech incipiency,

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which promised to revise the blood-testing assiduity with needle-free technology that did not actually work.

Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

Was Elizabeth Holmes brazened by Theranos' counsel about hurting people?

Image Credit: New Statesman

Theranos counsel Linda Tanner (Michaela Watkins) informs Elizabeth

Elizabeth about the knockouts of thousands of deceiving blood tests, telling her point blank,"You hurt  people."

Image Credit: The Guardian

a lot of workers that lost their jobs and felt they had been duped by Elizabeth and Sunny,"Meriwether

Image Credit: Mint

Did George Shultz really hide a counsel inside his house?

Image Credit: Financial Times

The final half of the season focuses on crucial Theranos whistleblowers Erica Cheung (Cameron Mi-young Kim) and Tyler Schultz (Dylan Minette),

Image Credit: CNBC

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