Twitter Stock price ascensions after  Elon Musk acquires 9.2 stake

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By Devesh Tyagi

April 05 2022

Mr Musk bought shares on March 14, a form revealed on Monday.

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Twitter's stock surged nearly 30 per cent on Monday. Since March 14, the date listed on the form by Twitter, its shares were over nearly 50 per cent,

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Twitter didn't incontinently respond to a request for comment.

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With further than 80 million Twitter followers, Mr Musk is an active stoner of the platform.

Still, on March 25, he twittered that he was giving" serious study'" to creating a new platform, asking his followers 

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" Free speech is essential to a performing republic. Do you believe Twitter strictly adheres to this principle?"he wrote.

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He also asked in another tweet on March 27"Is a new platform demanded?"

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Elon Musk bought further than 73 million Twitter shares on March 14

Image Credit: The Economic Times

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